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AWZ Tuesday

It turns out it was only Vanessa's suitcase that was run over, much to Simone and Richard's (and my) relief.  Simone focused on Vanessa for a while, giving her love.  It was nice to see Richard and Simone with Vanessa.

Rafael and Max stuff, which ended with Rafael hitting Max over the head with the butt of his pistol and shoving him in the trunk of a car.  I'm not all that worried for Max.  I'm sure he'll escape from Rafael's evil plot of vengeance sooner or later, probably later.

Tom is happy to have his uncle's ashes.  He even drew a happy face on the urn.  The Bergmann sisters, meanwhile, are completely freaked out about having human ashes in their flat.  Papa Reichenbach sent a flunky to retrieve Uncle Erhardt(?)'s ashes, but Tom stood in front of the urn to hide it.  It's all very goofy, but I love Tom and am happy he's getting some plot.

Marian's hooker helped Marian in the bar for a while.  That makes three jobs she has.  It was nice to see Marian actually working at the bar he owns, rather than spending all his money on prostitutes and drinking all the liquor in the bar himself.

There was a little with Roman and Deniz, and a scene with Deniz and Marian.  Deniz is hugely relieved that Marian seems to be working his way back to semi-sanity.  Igor is still rocking his scenes.

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