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AWZ Monday

Roman and Deniz together in one episode, and even having a couple of scenes together -- that's all that matters.  It was them worrying about Marian, but it was still them together.  Igor had several scenes, and rocked them.  Deniz and Marian actually talked, after Deniz got Marian out of jail; and Deniz talked to Jessica.

Steinkamp things -- Vanessa decided she'd had it and that she was going back to Boston.  Either she or her suitcase was run over at the end of the episode, and Simone was perhaps shocked a bit out of her absorption with finding Jenny at the expense of listening to anything Vanessa said.

I couldn't watch the Richard/Claudia scenes.  Max and Richard are sort of coming together again in their concern for Simone.

Roman had a scene where he asked Florian if he wanted to talk about his relationship with Frank.  Flo refused to discuss his romantic relationship or attempts thereof with his big brother.  Maybe Flo will have another talk with "Onkel" Deniz.

Definitely a must-see show for Igor's fans.


Tags: soap opera

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