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Monday so far -- and continued

Sunday night: Sent in the editing I'd been working on for G.  Editing the first draft had taken longer than I'd expected, partly because the book was challenging to me in several ways, and partly because it's been a crazy last three weeks.  Inquired about my next assignment from Changeling.  Looks like it will probably be the m/f futuristic one set on other planets.  I do end up reading quite the range of women's erotica in my work for Changeling.  I'm sure there are men who also enjoy some of the gay romance, and follow favorite authors amongst various publishers.  Overall, though, the focus is very much on women's fantasies.

Monday: If it were sunny out, I'd drive to the Brandywine River Museum and bring the Sweet Oblivion proof or my e-reader with me.  I am feeling unambitious about driving for distance today, though, and it's cloudy and dull.  I'll probably do some editing at home. 

Continued in the evening: I watched a weather channel for a bit and decided I didn't want to be stuck in the house for three days.  It's supposed to snow here tomorrow evening and into Wednesday.  So I made myself get up and going and went to Longwood Gardens.  Somehow I thought it would be more low-key there the day after the Christmas display ended.  There weren't many visitors, but there were a lot of gardeners and student workers in the conservatories taking down the Christmas displays and putting in new plants and flowers.  I saw three or four carts filled with agave-looking things go by in the Conservatories, and when I went into the Main Conservatory after my loop through, several were already in the ground in the borders there.

I kind of stayed out of the workers' way.  One guy was watering the huge overhead ferns in the Fern House as I went to go through there, and paused when he saw me.  I got slightly rained on from the ferns which had already been watered as I went through, and the footing wasn't so good, but I got through.  There were a few other visitors going through at about the same time, so it wasn't just me.

I was resting on benches every so often, and I rested on one of the ones in the glasshouse with the roses and hibiscus, but there was a couple talking loudly in Spanish(?) on the other bench, so I couldn't concentrate to do anything.  Some of the passages through parts of the conservatories were blocked off one way or another for the workers to clear out Christmas trees and decorations.  You could get into the Mediterranean House, but not all the way through it.  That's a greenhouse I like a lot.  I sat on the bench there for a bit, but they basically just try to keep that one above 40 or 50 degrees in the winter, so I didn't sit too long.  Some of the conservatories have the temperature kept at at least 70 degrees.  I like those ones in the winter.  The Mediterranean plants, the acacias, the bonsai, and I suppose probably the camellias just need to be kept above 45 degrees or so is my guess.  Those places and passages are allowed to be kept colder than the Fern Passage, the orchid room, and the Palm House.

The camellias were in bloom, and looked awfully pretty.  They've got pinks, reds, striped, whites -- it's a good collection for a kind of plant that needs to be under glass here.  The acacias were starting to bloom, too.  They have these cute little fuzzy yellow blossoms.  They've got a few cinnamon acacias, and I guess that's why it always smells good in the Acacia Passage.  I talked this over with a lady who was covering the visitors' welcome desk in the Peirce-du Pont house.

It was much quieter there in the Peirce-du Pont house.  I had gotten a scooter, which you couldn't take into the conservatories because of all the work being done, but I was riding it outside, so I rode to there.  The chairs with padding, the ones you often find the conservatory cats in, were right across from the visitors' desk.  One of the volunteers there said, "I've seen you before.  I remember the red hair."

"Well, sometimes it's red, and sometimes it's brown and gray," I said.

"The cane's new, isn't it?"

I told the story of my ankle.  "It's been about six months now.  I walk around inside the house without the cane now, but I still use it outside."

"It must have been a bad break," she said.  "When I broke mine, it was better in two or three months."

"It was a 'spectacular' break."  The story kept the conversation going for several minutes, then I texted my brother.  He'd called while I was riding the scooter down the outside paths, and I'd said I'd call him back.  It was too windy and cold to stop to talk, and I didn't want to talk on the phone and drive the scooter at the same time.  When I finished texting J., the ladies had gone on to talking about their grandchildren, but I just relaxed and enjoyed all the green plants and the flowers there.  It's very serene when there aren't a lot of people there.

There were a couple of camellias blooming in there, too, and a couple of azaleas, some rosemary in the pots on top of the antique(?) ceramic elephants, and a Christmas tree still up.  The lady I talked acacias with said that the original Christmas tree there this year had died, and that was a replacement.  It was very pretty, though, with dried roses and ribbons.  I hadn't gotten to the Peirce-du Pont house on my last trip to Longwood Gardens, the Thursday before New Year's, so I was glad I'd seen the conservatory there still decorated.

We were saying how when there weren't many people there, you could just pretend it was all yours.  I do that in January and February sometimes, if I'm the only person in one of the greenhouses.  It's fun to daydream that it's yours, or that you might have a little conservatory someday.  It's nice to get into a chat with the volunteers, too.  Many are senior citizens, and they're pretty sociable.  They enjoy explaining about the section of the conservatory where they volunteer, and discussing what displays are coming up next and how the displays are put together.

I'm glad I got out and did something today.  I think it's much better for me when I get out of the house and do an activity that I enjoy, or something that's an interest of mine.


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