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Sunday so far

Heard the parental units talking amongst themselves before they went to church.  I woke up at nine-something for no particular reason.  I had switched the heating pad from my ankle to stay on my abdomen much of Saturday, and plan to do so again tonight.  I took Advil and a Benadryl -- I was congested, but nothing like their allergy issues -- had breakfast, read a novella, then went back to sleep.  I woke in the early afternoon, when the folks came home from church and grocery shopping.  I washed up and had a really late lunch, then Mom and I were off to the local shopping district, though there was a slight hitch in plans when we discovered that the doors to my car were frozen shut.

We switched to Mom's car, which stays in in the garage at home.  We dropped off library books, then headed to K-Mart to look for a new watch battery, since my watch had gone dead a couple of days previous.  They didn't have that kind of battery.  We went to Wal-Mart.  I looked for batteries in the electronics section, and didn't see that battery there.  I asked where the watches were, and went to look for a new watch.

Mom, meanwhile, was looking at sweatpants.  She wants something easy to get over her legs for when she gets her knee replacement.  The sweatpants and sweatshirts were in several shelves of jumbled-upness, so she was there for a while.

I got a Timex watch with "Indi-Glo."  My old watch had that, but that part didn't work anymore.  I don't think the new one does anything much else but keep time, but that's all I wanted it for.  I didn't need one with a lot of extra bells and whistles.  Now that I think about it, I could have gotten a water-resistant one, but they were big and all plastic.  Most of the watches there had metal bands, and I didn't want that, either.  Most of the watch faces were bigger than the span of my wrist, but the one I found was a smaller one.

Dad had been outside, but answered when I called the second time to see if he wanted me to buy minutes for his phone.  He told me he usually got two hundred at a time, and they had a two-hundred minute card among the offerings.  It was dark by the time we got home.  Dad had shoveled the rest of the snow off my car and turned it around.  I thanked him for doing that, and gave him his phone-minutes card.

Not much else so far.  I had some dinner, though I couldn't face the Hamburger Helper after trying a bite, and stuck with toast and Jell-O.  You know how Kris' baby brother feels crappy when she does?  Mine apparently just does that with his girlfriends and probably now with his wife.  He's not so in tune with my cycle.  I took Alka-Seltzer and read another novella.

Lots of editing to do tonight, but I like keeping busy.

Tags: family, rambling, shopping

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