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end of Saturday

The allergist called back around 3:00 p.m. Saturday.  Dad was much better by then.  He told Dad to take two allergy pills at a time instead of just one.  Dad shoveled part of the driveway in the early evening, then the snow removal folks came and said they'd do the rest.  I stayed inside and did some editing.  I got halfway through a quick proof of Sweet Oblivion -- full title A Bitter Taste of Sweet Oblivion.  Yes, it will be coming out in paperback.  Since S. liked Channeling Morpheus so much, I'll lend him Sweet Oblivion, too.  I think S. enjoyed reading about someone who could get himself into more trouble than he does.

I remembered that it was Chrolli book club night.  I got online, and no one was there, so I surfed publishers' sites and read more of the book.  KC checked in at some point.  I invited Jordan to come chat.  KC came back from dinner just as Jordan and I started chatting.  Though KC hasn't read m/m romance yet (I gave him several recommendations, but he's been very busy), I figured he could follow the various things we were talking about.  After all, he is a fan of gay romance, and I'm sure he'd know what he was talking about on some subjects better than I would.  He chimed in occasionally when he wandered back to the discussion.

I called it a night for chatting around 1:30 or so(?), and went to doing some book shopping.  I belatedly got some of the Coming Out Day collection books from Loose Id.  I'd gotten one at the time, in October, but several of them sounded good.  I got them in epub format.  Apparently you can only get books in one format from Loose Id.  Maybe I should have gotten them from Fictionwise.  I thought I'd been able to download books in epub format from the library of books I'd already gotten from Loose Id in PDF format.  I could do it from Amber Quill Press, and from MBaM, as much of a pain in the ass MBaM usually is to use.  I'm tempted to contact them to ask for the PDF of Maxxed Out, since that's a P.L. Nunn cover and I want to be able to see it properly.

I went to Dreamspinner Press and got some more of Andrew Grey's "Love Means..." series.  I really liked his "Christmas Cruise" story in the 2008 Dreamspinner Advent Calendar.  It seems like each book in the "Love Means..." series closely follows upon the previous book, with the main characters in one supporting characters in the other books.

I put the books I'd gotten in epub format, including the Dreamspinner ones, since you have the options with those, onto the e-reader.  By then it was very late -- or very early in the morning, depending how you looked at it, and I called it a night.

I'm tempted to appropriate A.'s channel a couple times a week for generally chatting about gay romance.  I'm happy to talk about Chrolli, but I haven't heard from A. in a few weeks, and I'm also happy to talk about gay romance I'm reading -- as readers here know.  I did my "You know it's bad when I'm wondering if the author ever met any gay men" rant.  That one cracked S. up when I did it live.

S. wants to read the bad romances I complain about so he has something to laugh with me about, and to read again to cheer himself up on crappy days.  I found a couple of "gay for you" books I'd gotten in print before I realized they'd originally been e-books, so I'll have to pass those on to him.  One of the authors of those is a very good writer.  She just writes a fair number of "gay for you" books.  She's very popular, and so is that theme with a lot of women.  I'm pretty sure S. knew he was gay by his early teens, so I'm curious to see what he'll make of those books.  He's heard me on the subject of that trope enough times.  I'm sure he'll have something to say once he's read them.

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