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AWZ Friday

More Rafael plotting, and setting Simone against Max.  She wasn't too happy with him anyway, since she found out he forged the letter.  Rafael and Axel are apparently now allied.  Max is doing his best to make up with Simone.  At the end of the show, both Rafael and Max, in separate locations, took out pistols and practiced posing dramatically with them.

The Marian and the whore plot is a hot mess.  Marian shoved all of his bills into a shoebox right before Deniz came into the bar with an adding machine, to help Marian get his bills straightened out.  I think Deniz said it had to do with the internship?  Perhaps he was doing it on top of his internship.  I think Marian got a restraining order keeping him away from Jessica, so for a while he hid behind a tree, then came up and talked to her.  She'd gotten some sort of blackmail note, and thought it was from him.

Marian wrote her a letter, which he gave to Ben to give Jessica.  She called the police to tell them her stalker was still hanging around.  A hospital worker offered to wait with Jessica until the police came.  He turned out to be the one who wanted to be her "private patient," and attacked her.  Marian pulled him off Jessica, just as the police came up and collared him.

The Florian and Frank plot made me furious.  Flo and Frank talked some in the hall, then Flo yelled "Scheisse!" so loudly that all of the hockey players with their ears to the other side of the locker room door drew back in pain.  When they got to their respective homes, Franziska and Florian had a rebellious music montage in which they pretended to be together, then opened their eyes and realized they were alone.  Later, Florian was on the rowing machine of angst when Franziska came in the room, and said that a girl sleeping with five guys was "krass," but it didn't make her a whore.  She told him that she hadn't been with any guys.  Florian asked why she hadn't told him.  She left.

First of all, where was Roman in all this?  Except for a picture of him out in the hall near the locker rooms, he was nowhere to be seen.  I expected him to give Florian a good telling-off.  Secondly, why would Frank need to explain herself?  Florian owes her an apology, no matter how many guys she'd been with.

The treatment of women and the attitudes towards them from the writers is dreadful.  If I thought they were going to make a point in order for it to be an educational experience for the men, it would be one thing.  The lesson they seem to be going for is that the double standard rules, and the women better bend over backwards for crude and chauvinistic jerks, even if they're feisty and empowered otherwise.  The women are second-class citizens, and the viewer is supposed to go along with it.  There's no way I could take it uncritically, and no reason I should.

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