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AWZ Thursday

Isabelle angst, during which she drove everyone away from her hospital room.  She looked into the reflective tray again and saw gaping bloody facial wounds.  Something only somewhat reflective would show less of the damage and not more.  It's kind of like the Venus and Cupid, otherwise known as the Rokeby Venus, in which the mirror that Cupid is holding at that angle wouldn't really show Venus' face.  Nevertheless, it's one of my favorite paintings.  This plot is very far from my favorite.

There was a bit of Ben and Katja running into each other and staring at each other stuff, with Ben asking Katja why the hell she'd gone to see Isabelle.  "I wanted to apologize," Katja said.  Whatever.  So over this.

Max had angst, too, about Rafael's affair with Simone.  He tried to talk to Simone, but she told him she was an adult, and could make her own decisions.  Rafael is still plotting.  I think he's trying to destroy everything Max loves.  Well, if I'm understanding right, he spent fifteen years in prison for Max.  I guess he was resentful after all.

There were scenes with more sparkle.  Last episode, Richard had been interrogating Axel by feeding his tie into the shredder.  It was kind of like one of those James Bond books or movies where the torture device gets closer and closer, only funnier.  When Richard had gotten the information that Axel had faked Jenny's death certificate and so on by paying off the Russian authorities, he left Axel with his tie in the shredder.  Axel tried to reach a pair of scissors and failed.

Constanze came in in the morning, and saw Axel asleep with his head on the shredder, his tie still in there.  First she took a cell phone picture, then she woke Axel and asked if he was okay.  Axel indignantly replied in the negative, and tried to tell Constanze to cut him loose.  She pushed the reverse button on the shredder, and his shredded tie came out of the shredder, freeing him.  Constanze told Axel that it would be just between them.

Florian and Franziska were making out at the Wild-Ozturk flat.  Frank was nervous that Flo was trying to get under her blouse, and said that they had to get to practice, that she didn't want to make Ingo angry.  Florian said that Roman was substitute trainer.  Frank said that she didn't want to cause trouble with him.

Franziska asked Florian how many girls he'd slept with.  Florian tried to evade the question.  I think he said more than three, then said seven.  (lol)  He asked Frank in return.  Frank said she'd been with five guys.

Next we saw of Frank, she was on the rowing machine of angst, wearing a top that had a skull-and-crossbones over her bosom.  Roman came in, recognized the angst, and put his foot over the belt, stopping the machine.  "Come, sit, talk, tell me what's wrong," he said.  "I've got five minutes for you."

Frank came over to sit with Roman on the bench.  "It's about sex," she said.  I think he said he had more than five minutes, or that that talk would take more than five minutes.  She confessed that she and Florian had talked about their sexual experience, and that she'd lied.

Roman told her it was okay(?) or didn't matter(?) if she was a virgin (Jungfrau).  She told him not to say it so loud.  "Florian loves you," he said.  "It doesn't matter how many partners either of you have had."  Something like that.  I'm pretty sure he was skeptical about Florian having been with seven girls.

Meanwhile, back at the flat, Florian said to Deniz, "You don't have to get a stupid grin like that."

"Sorry," Deniz said.  "I thought you had a real problem."  Florian snarled.  "Okay, sex is a real problem," Deniz conceded.

Florian hemmed and hawed a bit, then admitted to having sex with only one girl.  Actually it was only halfway(?) or half of a sex act.  He or she or they were drunk, and the girl's father came home.  Deniz tried to suppress his grin.  "Oh, go ahead and laugh!" Flo said.  Deniz cracked up.

The scene cut to Roman laughing when Franziska admitted she'd lied, then giving her good advice.  I'm finding it ironic that Roman and Deniz are both giving relationship advice, considering.  However, at least they have something of a clue, and Roman is doing well in calming Franziska and sharing his wisdom.  He told Frank to tell Florian the truth.

Next we saw of the Wilds and Frank, Roman was coaching the hockey game.  I'd had no idea before he started filling in as a substitute trainer that he knew anything about hockey, but he was shouting out instructions.  Frank got a goal, and Andy said it was beginner's luck.  Frank said that Flo was the beginner, and Flo freaked out and called Frank a whore.  Roman skated up to Florian and ordered him to apologize to Frank.  Flo shook his head and started to skate off.  I have a feeling that Roman isn't going to let it go.  He can probably skate faster than Florian, too, so Flo won't lose him that way.

So the best was the Wilds, Frank, and Deniz, as Roman and Deniz added bright sparkle to their scenes.

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