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S.M. gave me a wake-up call at 9:00 a.m.  I got up and had breakfast and washed up a bit, then called her and said I was still dead tired from all the driving yesterday, and went back to sleep.  So I missed the garden club business meeting.  I note that where it meets is nowhere near the Brandywine River Museum.  A phone call at 11:30 woke me, and I started moving then.  I got to the museum in time for the start of the tour, which was around 1:15.

The docent showed us the "critters" made from various plant materials on several Christmas trees.  I'd expected that would be all we'd see, but we got a guided tour through the galleries.  My leg was aching after a while, and then the ache faded down a while after that.  On occasion, I was leaning on my cane and left leg, with my right foot in the air.  There was an exhibit of a children's book of fantastical creatures, drawn in the early nineteen hundreds by a businessman for his young daughter.  The drawings for the book stretched all along the walls of the gallery.  I was fascinated.

The only place we didn't go was through the model train exhibit.  I had time before I had to make it to an appointment, and thought about going through there, but I was pretty tired and footsore.  The ladies looked through the boxes of "critters" on sale at the gift shop.  I ended up getting a couple of packets of seed, of large blue flag iris and of crimson-eyed rose mallow (I think that's what it's called.  It's something in the hibiscus family.)

I stopped at that really big used bookstore on my way back.  I decided I didn't feel like going up to the second, third, or fourth floors right at that time.  The gardening books are on the first floor.  I petted one of the bookstore cats for a little while.  They have several --  I'm not sure how many.  This one was white with brown tabby markings on its back.  I'm not a big fan of cats generally, but I'm all right with some individual ones.  They discover soon enough that I give good chin rubs.  This one started purring very quickly.  It's a soothing sound.

I got a little gardening book, Garden Flowers in Color, by Daniel J. Foley.  The copyright was 1943, and this is the ninth printing, from 1952.  I like collecting nineteenth and early-to-mid twentieth century books about flowers.  I've gotten some good free ones from Google Books.  I was looking at this bookstore to see if there were books with entries about jasmines, and they had some nice books about indoor plants, one by Stirling Macoboy.  I'll come back for that some other time.

After my appointment, I headed home, had dinner, and took a nap.  I decided to get a membership at the Brandywine River Museum.  It's a small museum, but I could bring a book or e-book and sit on the benches by the floor-to-ceiling windows outside the galleries and enjoy the afternoon sun.  In the spring and summer, I could go out into the wildflower gardens.

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