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to New Jersey

The prayer service before Aunt A.'s burial was supposed to be at the gravesite, but since that was covered with snow, it was held in a chapel that was a replica of a medieval one.  Dad's sisters were there, and their husbands, and my cousin J.T.  I'm the oldest cousin, he's the youngest.  One of Aunt A.'s oldest friends, Aunt L., who generally comes to our holiday celebrations, was there.  A lot of women from the women's groups Aunt A. was in were there, and I think a few residents from the retirement community she lived in.  The memorial service will be at the retirement community, and there will be a lot more people there, I'm sure.  There was a pretty good crowd in the chapel.

The pastor said Aunt A. had incredible faith, and faced dying with peace.  We knew she was a remarkable woman.  I hadn't known she'd been a volunteer at a Newark, NJ, soup kitchen.  She did a lot with the church, some of which I'd known about.  The pastor said she felt that the Presbyterian church had too many rules, which he agreed with on occasion.  Apparently she preferred the style of the Congregationalist church she'd attended for many years before she moved to the retirement community.

I suppose I'm having trouble absorbing the fact that she's gone, though I saw the coffin.  I had really wanted to see her again, but we didn't go Christmas day, and we ran out of time.  I'm glad J. and K. got to see her last Thursday.  Mom and Dad and I saw her on our visit to her in early December, and we talked to her right before Christmas, and sent our love, so she knew we were thinking of her.  She will be deeply missed by all of us. 

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