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Alles was zahlt Monday

There are new credits for the new year.  They're fast, but I watched them a few times.  Roman is a featured character.  He winks at the camera.  Deniz is shown in the same shot, but in the background with Marian.  I didn't get that.  Katja is shown skating, of course.  Richard and Simone are shown together as featured characters, and Annette is a featured character, like she always was.  Max and Lena are shown together.  Tom is prominently shown.  Apparently they expect he'll be around for a good while.  I was happy to see that.

In the episode, the New Year's Eve partiers first appeared cleaning up No. 7.  Axel tried to get into a handicapped space at the Center.  I was pissed to see Axel had a handicapped space.  It's just his brain that's slightly broken.  He honked at the van in the space several times.  Axel got a call from the police about them arresting Max, I think.  He told them about the person in the handicapped space, but they weren't interested in that.  Axel went up and knocked on the window that a man was leaning against.  There was no response, so Axel opened the door, and the man fell out into Axel's arms.  Axel checked for a pulse, and didn't find one.

Isabelle continued kicking Ben out of her room.  Dr. Jessica talked to her.  The dead man turned out to be Tom's uncle.  Tom went to the Center to see him being taken away in a coffin.  Ben called Tom, and told him that Isabelle shouldn't be left alone.  Tom went to the hospital.  Ben asked if there was anything he could do for Tom.  Tom turned around and stared at him, then continued up the hospital steps.

Richard woke up with his clothes scattered on the floor of his bedroom, along with an empty liquor bottle.  He appeared to have a terrible hangover, but had little flashes of memory of having sex with Claudia.  Richard came into the main room of the penthouse, wearing his bathrobe.  Florian and Frank were having breakfast.  Richard dropped the German equivalent of Alka-Seltzer into a glass of water and asked them if they'd seen Claudia.  Frank and Flo said no.  They waited until Richard staggered back to his bedroom before they started giggling.

The Bergmanns, Roman and Deniz, and Ingo were having a hangover commiseration sort of thing(?) on the couch of the Bergmann flat, with Ingo saying that every year he swore something.  Annette was rubbing his forehead, so perhaps Ingo was also regretting drinking, although I'm sure not as much as Richard was.  I doubt anyone could be regretting their drinking as much as Richard was this New Year's.

Simone spilled Jenny's ashes on the floor of her room, and was horrified at first.  Then she got the idea to have the ashes tested.  Max got released from jail, but everyone's still mad at him.  However, Vanessa told Max that Rafael was sleeping with Lena and Simone.  Claudia wants to be Katja's manager.  Richard wanted to know what Claudia wanted, but I don't know if she tried to blackmail him outright.  He might call her bluff on that, since he and Simone are pretty much separated.  Roman did his best to ignore Claudia when she cheerfully came up to the bar at the Center, where he and Katja were talking.  Katja called Roman "Trainer-herz."  I guess it's something like "beloved trainer."

So there was a good bit going on.  The whole Richard/Claudia thing is icky.  If Claudia gets pregnant, which may well be what she was trying for, I will be completely icked out.  Then Katja and Ben and Vanessa would all have a little sister or brother in common.  Sounds about right for AWZ.  So Vanessa needs more plot, and of course, so do Roman and Deniz.  I still want lots more scenes with Ben and Vanessa together.  I love their sizzling chemistry. 
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