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Sunday so far

Well, I haven't been awake too terribly long, but I found out that I'd been named Kris' Minion of the Month.  There's a highlight of the day already.

I may watch Verbotene Liebe, or re-watch Alles was zahlt.  There's not a lot of point in going out shopping, since I am currently very broke.  I should be getting money soon, but much of it will go to pay bills.  Maybe I'll give P. a call.  Yesterday, I sent an e-mail with free stories attached to S.  I'd been looking at ARe's free reads.  "Who Says Shamrocks Aren't Lucky" was originally a "choose your own m/m story."  I recommended the other stories to S., too.

More later...

Later: See above entry for sad news.  I paid bills in the afternoon.  I talked to P., I talked to S.M., and I talked to H., who is back in the country.  H. and I might get together Friday in Philadelphia.  I missed her terribly.  She's such a character.

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