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garden club, perennials coming up

     Garden club today.  Speaker gave a talk about many of the diseases and insect infestations that can attack trees here in the Mid-Atlantic.  As with last month's talk about Lyme disease, which was accompanied by many slides showing ticks, I felt itchy by the time this speaker was done showing all the slides of borers, weevils, adelgids and so on.  Otherwise, it was nice to see the ladies, and nice to have participated in making a flower arrangement.

     At home: Bleeding heart leaves coming up.  Weeded around them.  Hybrid Perpetual roses starting to leaf out.  Lovage starting to come up.  The plant coming up near the tradescantia label does seem to be tradescantia.  Anise hyssop starting to come up.  Chives up.  Pinks seem to have come through the winter pretty well.  Daylilies I planted the other day still in place for the moment.
Tags: flowers, garden club, gardening

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