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trip to see Grandma

Could not sleep at all last night.  Finally dozed off around probably 6 or so, only to have Mom wake me at 7:45 to tell me that if I didn't get ready they'd leave without me.  Staggered up around 8 to have some breakfast and take a shower, and was ready by 8:30.  We set out at 8:45 or so.

I slept on the way to Allentown, where Mom wanted to stop at the L.L. Bean outlet.  The clothes she wanted from the catalogue weren't there, but I got a couple of pairs of jeans, and a couple of fairly large "snowflake" lollipops, which turned out to be mint chocolate, with a snowflake embossed on it.  I fell asleep in the car again, and the parental units woke me up when we got to Grandma S.'s retirement community.  She was just finishing lunch in the communal dining room, but she went down to keep us company when we got sandwiches at their little store.  Mom had a Reuben, and Dad and I both had grilled cheese.  I helped Mom finish her Reuben.

We headed back to Grandma's little apartment.  Someone else had given her a much bigger fruit basket, but she still seemed to appreciate ours.  J. and K. had driven up from Maryland Thursday, she said.  First they visited Aunt A., then headed west and visited Grandma S. on the same New Jersey trip.  I'm glad they got up there to see them.  I gave Grandma one of the snowflake lollipops and a box of Exotic Bouquet flowering tea.  She still had the Sunset Oolong from before, and said she was waiting to use it (?).  Mom gave her a can of bourbon balls.  That was Mom's present to a lot of her work colleagues, as well.

We had a nice chat.  I watered Grandma's plants, which were looking rather dried out.  We'd gotten there around 12:45, and Dad was ready to get going by 2:45.  It's a long trip for a visit of a couple of hours, but then again, I guess we didn't tire her out too badly, either.  She told us to come again soon.  Grandma doesn't push it, because she doesn't drive, but she always seems glad to see us, and wants us to visit.  We should see her at my cousin R.'s baby shower.

I was very glad to get home.  We'd made rest stops a couple of times, and I'd gotten a vanilla milkshake at one of the stops.  I added French Vanilla Kahlua to it when we got home.  I got cream, too, so it looks like Kahlua-and-cream will be my midnight drink.  I don't know what's happened to all the French Vanilla Kahlua.  I've been sharing it with Mom and with K. when she visits.  There's between a third and a fourth of a bottle left.  I only got it a couple of months ago.

There's a flower open on the jasmine nitidum and I have a lot of editing to catch up on.  That's about it for real life here at home.  It was very nice to see Grandma S.

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