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Mom and I were worried that we hadn't heard from Papa H. and H., so she called them.  H. has been having fainting spells, so she's been wearing one of those halter monitors.  Aside from that, she said she's good.  Papa H. was apparently pretty much what's his usual self now, but sounded very happy to hear from Mom.  Mom sent love from all of us.  "You really do have the nicest stepmother," I said.  "People say things about evil stepmothers, but yours is so nice."  Mom agreed.

I had left a message for D.S. a few days ago, and she called back.  She'd been in Washington, D.C. with her son and his family to celebrate Christmas.  I'd said something about getting together on Monday, so we agreed to do that.  Maybe she can translate some of what Hase's been saying for me.  I'd especially like to know what he said to Frank.  I'd also like to hear a translation of the Chrolli blooper tape.  I watch deepdarkmidnight's clip from it when I want to cheer up, and it always gives me a laugh.

S.M. called, too.  She's going to give me a wake-up call for Thursday morning's garden club meeting.  I might just drive straight to the Brandywine River Museum if I don't get going in time in the morning.  I'm curious to learn about how they make their Christmas tree "critters" from natural plant materials.  I'll have to send some information about it to Jordan.  I'm not good with my hands, but I like seeing how people make crafts.  I love the books about Tasha Tudor's gardens and home craft-making.  They have gorgeous photos.

So tomorrow we're supposed to drive up to northwestern New Jersey and visit with Grandma S.  I have to get up at seven-something.  I might just sleep in the car.  We made a fruit basket for her, and I'll probably give her a box of the Exotic Bouquet assortment of flowering teas.  They might keep her entertained.  I'll likely sleep in the car.  I'll have to be sure to bring my iPod and e-reader with me.

I read All She Wrote last night.  Josh was pretty gleefully killing characters off.  There was a (*spoilerish*) reference to Kit reading the "latest Adrien English mystery."  I would never have thought they'd exist in the same world.  I guess they could, because, you know, same author and all, but it never occured to me that they'd be in the same space/time continuum.  Different series with a very different tone, different publishers and so on.

I got the paperback of The Dark Tide the other day.  I'd read the e-book of that when it came out.  All I can think is that I used to be able to sit at a computer and read novels, but haven't been able to for at least several months, perhaps a year.  I can curl up with the e-reader, and am getting back to reading a lot more.

If I have time to read now, I don't know why it's felt like the last couple of weeks have just been non-stop.  There's been a lot going on, and more driving than I usually do.  I did my shopping for myself earlier in the month, but shopping for relatives much closer to Christmas.  It just hasn't seemed to slow down.  I'm glad I've been pushing myself to get out of the house, because I get so mopey if I'm inside all day, or for a couple of days in a row.  It has been helping.

Well, sometime early on New Year's Day, I'll write up the story of our adventures in northwest New Jersey -- if I get up and going on time for them.

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