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AWZ Thursday -- New Year's Eve on the show

Much going on, with Simone and Vanessa furious with Max for faking the letter from Jenny.  Simone went to the penthouse, searched the bureau in the living room -- I'm still not sure why -- and found the skating trophy with a woman's ashes in them.  "You knew Max had forged the letter!" she said.  Richard admitted to it.  Simone and Vanessa swept out of the penthouse, furious with Richard as well.

Later, Richard had finished at least half a bottle of liquor by himself when Claudia came to seduce him.  She wants to be Katja's manager, and I guess she figured that was the way to do it.  Have I mentioned how icky I find Claudia's methods of trying to get things done?  Icky.  Icky, icky, icky.

Max and Rafael had a sword fight.  Near the end of the episode, Max got taken away by the police for trying to kill Axel.  Rafael comforted Simone in her woe.  I'm still not sure what's up with Rafael's motivations, or why he keeps betraying Max.

Isabelle completely woke up out of her Koma-with-a-k, peeled her bandaging off her arm, and saw burn marks.  I don't get that, because she was wearing a heavy coat.  I can understand her face getting burned.  I'm still not sure why her hair didn't burn off, but she has soap opera injuries, which have little to nothing to do with real life injuries.  Anyway, she freaked, her heart rate spiked, and doctor/pro Jessica ran in and kicked Ben out.

Katja was again a black pile of mope, but the Bergmanns, Ingo, Deniz and the Wilds celebrated their New Year's Eve party at No. 7 anyway.  Tom and Frank have kind of been adopted into the Bergmann and Wild crew.  They did their lead casting.  Florian got an ice hockey stick, Frank got a puck, everyone said, "Ooh," Ingo started to say something and Nettchen put her hand over his mouth.  Katja got a heart again -- I think Tom said so -- which brought the music to a screeching halt.  Whatever.

I'm not sure what Roman got this year.  He said a word fast, and I didn't get it at all.  Annette had previously, at the fry stand, said that she'd gotten a cute little pig when she did her casting, and it did look sort of like a pig, if you used your imagination a lot.  Deniz and Roman were rather on the periphery this year, but they cuddled during the lead casting, and hugged at midnight.  Roman was wearing a "Boys' Night Out" T-shirt, which was pretty cute.  I could have done with more Roman and Deniz, but they were a happy couple in their appearances. 

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