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AWZ Wednesday

Much Steinkamp/von Altenburg stuff, as Simone found out that Jenny's letter was fake.  Vanessa was very sad.  I'm not sure why Rafael is scheming against Max, but I'm not especially caring deeply.  There was Katja stuff, with Katja on the "rowing machine of angst" and having a major chunk of exposition with Annette.  I muted the exposition partway through.

In far more interesting news, Roman came in to the Wild-Ozturk flat to see Florian had gotten condoms(?) -- I think -- probably from Roman and Deniz' stash.  Flo has no clue, but he's full of hormones.  When he and Frank met up for a date, they made out at No. 7 until Marian told them to get a room, then went up to the flat to watch a horror movie and keep making out.  Florian got his hand under Frank's shirt, and Frank squeaked, then blamed it on the horror movie.  Roman and Deniz came in.  I think they were talking about condoms.

Next we saw, Roman was eating fluff while Deniz sat between Flo and Frank on the couch, eating popcorn and watching the movie.  Frank made a break for it at some point, and Flo blamed Deniz, or possibly both Roman and Deniz, for cramping his style so badly.  Roman had another little talk with Flo, to which Deniz said, "Your big brother is right."  Florian wasn't impressed.  He went into his room and slammed the door.  Deniz pulled Roman onto the couch, and I had hopes for cuddle time, but Roman quickly took off.

Roman spotted Frank sitting on the halfpipe, and came up there to talk to her.  He said that he had the feeling that Florian was in love with Frank, and that he was overcompensating by acting like a macho idiot.  I believe that Roman told a story about a friend (friend of a friend?) who was dating a virgin, and how it was important not to take things too quickly, and ruin it.  "You have all the time in the world," Roman said to Frank.  I think he made Frank feel a lot better about things.

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