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Wednesday real life

Cranky in the morning, a little irritated that R.A. was bringing a friend with her when we were supposed to meet up and talk possible roommate stuff.  I got to the Borders at 2:00, just as they were walking in from the mall area.  As I had guessed, R.'s friend S. also has mental disabilities.  She started talking about an "ADD for young people" group.  While I probably have something like, considering that a stimulant ADD medicine I tried made me sleepy, I'm certainly not a "young person."

Meanwhile, R. had said she had a nosebleed, and had to go wash her hands.  I told her where the bathroom was.  I got a drink, vanilla Italian soda.  R. came back after a while, and S. said she was going to look at videos and DVDs.  It might have been that I picked a spot where there were only two comfortable chairs available.

R. actually talked some this time.  We discussed sharing a bathroom, and when she practiced piano.  "Before 11:00 a.m.?" I asked.  No, later in the day, apparently.  That was a relief to hear.  I said that I was currently very broke, but would get some money at the beginning of January, that I had doctor and physical therapy bills to pay, and wanted to pay off other bills entirely.  I talked about Aunt A., and how I was very sad that she was so ill.  R.'s mother died of cancer in July, so I think she could understand that.

R. said she'd had an anxiety attack that week.  "Are you anxious about getting a roommate?" I asked.

"No, I'd like having someone around," she said.  I guess I could see that, considering her mother was always around for her before.

"Maybe we can give each other support with things, help each other," I said.  She was nodding.  I told her that my mom likes to give Dad and me three or four directions at once, then gets mad when we've forgotten the second, third and fourth by the time we've done the first.  I've gotten assertive enough about explaining to people that I can only follow one direction at a time, but Mom never remembers.  You'd think she'd know it was true of us by now.

We talked a bit about sports.  She's a big football fan.  I said I didn't understand football, but understood baseball, and had watched hockey for a couple of years before the hockey strike.  "I have trouble with left and right, so left defense, right defense, left wing and right wing were lost on me.  I could still appreciate the passing and goal-scoring though.  I like horse racing, too."

When S. came back, I told her to pull up a chair.  I asked her about that "ADD for young people" group.  No, apparently she'd meant a group for disabled people in which the people got together and took trips.  "It's only $300 quarterly, but you can pay $75 a month."  I wouldn't qualify as being mentally handicapped, of course, but I didn't argue that point with S.  I couldn't think offhand of a way to point that out without it sounding insulting.

I wouldn't mind in general getting together with people to take trips, but I don't have that kind of money.  Apparently R.'s friends are pretty well-provided for by their parents.  Considering the set-up and state of Pennsylvania's mental disability/mental health system, I was glad to hear that some mentally disabled people did have opportunities to socialize and enjoy day trips or travel with their peers.

R.A. called it a day in a little over an hour so she could go home and take her meds.  At least we'd had some conversation.  S. suggested getting together at the King of Prussia mall.  She knew the bus that went right there, she said.  I'm always afraid of losing my car there.  It's not just my lack of sense of direction -- there are several huge parking lots there.  "At the end of January would be good," S. said.

"Weather permitting."  It might make an interesting day trip.

When I'd come in, I'd seen the book iPod: The Missing Manual on an endcap.  Apparently there's this whole "Missing Manual" line of books, since most electronic gadgets come with tiny and/or incomprehensible pamphlets instead of understandable instruction guides.  I'm sure the line of books does very well for the company.  I said to an employeee that I had a Borders card, and asked if there were any interesting coupons.  There was a half-off one, so I got the book.  That will be something to study during the cold nights when I'm home, wherever home should end up being.

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