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Tuesday real life

The afternoon was the suck.  Mom said she wanted to stop at the bank, and ended up taking well over half an hour there, probably closer to forty-five minutes.  At least I had my iPod with me, and it had some new-to-me music on it.  I figure it's bad for my mental state to stay in the house, so I should get out.  That trip didn't help at all.

Next we went to Babies "R" Us, where my cousin R. is registered.  Her baby shower is in mid-January.  The only thing on her registry was a $280 three-in-one changing table thing.  I wasn't about to get her a $300 changing table.  Her parents are very well off -- they can get that for her.  Mom and I will probably go to K-Mart and get a blanket and some little outfits for the baby.  Mom asked about going to K-Mart then, but it was getting to be rush hour, which is terrifically busy in that area.  A store devoted to baby stuff just makes me really cranky -- all about pampering the expectant mother, while I'll never have children and never get that kind of special treatment.  I mean, it's much better that I won't have children, but it's considered such a rite of passage for women that childless women are still looked at as weird.

I decided that with the mood I was in and the nasty headache I had, it would be better if we just went home.  Once we got home, I went out with white vinegar and water to clean off the windshield, which was horribly spotted up and smeared.  I'd run out of windshield wiper fluid the other day.  That's the only productive thing I got done in the afternoon, cleaning the windshield.

R.A. had left a message on my phone that she'd rather meet at the Wynnewood Borders than the Rosemont one.  Her message was very staticky, but I called back and said that I might as well come to the apartment if she wanted me to drive as far as Wynnewood.  Rosemont is halfway, I said.  She finally called back in the evening to say that she was bringing a friend with her.  We settled that I could pick them up at the Bryn Mawr train station.  R.A. called back a few more times, before and after talking to her friend.  They wanted to be picked up at the Rosemont station.  "But I don't know where the Rosemont station is," I said.  "Can you walk to the Borders from there?"  That's now the plan -- at least until they call back again.  That made me cranky again.

On the other hand, I'd e-mailed a couple of church people, including Mother G. and E.H. from the book club, to ask if anyone in the church or the retirement village E.H. lives in could use a live-in companion, or just a housemate who could help with local driving and grocery shopping.  I said that I couldn't do heavy lifting, but that I had nursing aide experience, and would be a good companion.  N.F. from the garden club couldn't think of anybody offhand, but said I should e-mail the garden club ladies, and see if they knew of anyone in their churches or clubs who could use a housemate for companionship and a little support with activities of daily living.  That would likely be a lot more affordable.

Added: The evening got better for a while, as I finished Cover Me.  (I know!)  This is another one I got when it came out, and I just have not been able to sit at the computer to read, except for my editing jobs.  So since I got the e-reader and can curl up with it, I've read All or Nothing, The Dark Farewell, Cover Me, and some of the Dreamspinner Advent stories I've gotten lately.  The Dreamspinner Advent Calendar has been great for my spirits.  I got it early in November when it was still quite cheap, and I've been getting a story a day since December began.  It's been very much like getting presents each day.

I had "Black Beauty" flowering tea -- black tea with gold tips -- before we set out to the bank, and that's very good.  Late this evening I had decaffeinated English Teatime tea.  I've gone back and forth between cranky and more mellow today.  I got a shipment from Amazon.  Someone had sent me a $25 gift certificate as a present, so I got the print version of The Dark Tide and Mahu Men.  I read a couple of the Mahu Men stories, which are erotica set between the Mahu mysteries.  They're pretty entertaining, and some even include a bit of mystery, and/or Kimo in cop mode.

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