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Chrolli lately

I'm still just watching May's clips.  I haven't watched full Verbotene Liebe episodes in a few weeks.  I'm kind of missing Constantin and whatever is going on with Ansgar and Lydia lately, but not missing Prince Boring at all.

Anyway, the guys are beautiful and Lilly is adorable.  They're getting more plot than they usually get, or perhaps it's not having to go through all the dross of a full episode.  This past couple of days, they heard that Lilly's father, Fritz (Fritz?), wanted her back, then met him.  They decided he wasn't so bad a guy, and he was happy that Christian and Olli were taking such good care of Lilly.  He wanted to take Lilly back to Cameroon with him, so we got sad Olli, who always breaks my heart, and understatedly sad Christian.  He was going to take her back today's (Monday's) episode, but was scheduled for deportation much quicker than he thought he would be.  He left Lilly with Christian and Olli temporarily.  At least they saw that he was a nice person, despite his criminal record, and that he really loves Lilly.  You could sympathize with him, too, wanting his beautiful little daughter back with him, but being glad she was well taken care of by the guys.

Christian and Olli are determined to just enjoy being with Lilly as long as they have her, which probably won't be too much longer.  The plot isn't as bad as I thought it would be.  There's not a lot to it, but that's typical enough of VL.  If Lilly was hideously annoying, it would be getting on my nerves something awful, but she's usually pretty quiet.  She's just there radiating cuteness.

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