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A few more things from over the last several days...

My shipment of flowering tea came from Amazon, so I have boxes of teas to give as gifts.  I wrapped two boxes of the Exotic Bouquet ones, and a box of Jasmine Lover's.  One of the Exotic Bouquet ones will go to family friends, Mrs. L. and A., who are big tea drinkers.  I'm sure Mom will come up with people to gift the other two to.

A tea shipment direct from the company came with a free sample of chocolate Puerh tea.  I have no idea what a Puerh is, but I figured I'd try it.  It was a lot better than the free granola bar they sent with another shipment.  Actually, it was quite good.  I already have quite the collection of flowering tea.  I don't think I need to start collecting Puerh tea.  I added some cream after I drank some, and it didn't make it bad, but I think it was better plain.  The flavors were more clear.

I'm getting Christmas cards from some of the garden club ladies.  Sonja's cracked me up.  She put a nice message, then wrote "Frohe Weihnachten."  I've heard that often enough lately on Alles was zahlt that I knew what it meant.  Sonja's heard that I watch German TV shows.  I guess she's interested in me learning German, too.  I remember saying a few phrases in German for her, and her saying that my German would soon be better than her English.  I don't think so, but it was sweet of her.

I'm glad I sent Christmas cards to the garden club ladies.  They're big on letter-writing, which is nearly a lost art now, so I figured they'd send cards.  Some of them came to visit me when I broke my ankle, S.M. and D.S. in the hospital; J.C., G.C., and S.M. at home.  S.M. even brought me to her house one afternoon when I was still in the cast.  I couldn't really walk, but I could still give her computer lessons.  Well, it was good to get out of the house for an afternoon, and have nice company.

I don't know when we'll see which relatives.  We talked to Grandma S. the other day, and she didn't know what any of her children had planned.  We asked Aunt A. if she wanted us to come for Christmas.  She said she'd like to see us, then she heard that there were a number of friends and relatives coming to see her then, so said it might be better for us to come another day.  Aunt P. says Aunt A. sleeps most of the time now, and says she isn't in any pain.  We were very relieved to hear that she isn't in pain.  Aunt P. was saying she might bring Grandma S. down to see Aunt A., but still wasn't sure as of Wednesday.  Hopefully we'll get up to northwest New Jersey to see Grandma S. sometime in January.

Well, I would like to see my cousins and aunts and uncles, too.  We might see them a couple at a time, but hopefully we'll get some good visits in.

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