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e-book gifts

I was fascinated by Jordan's report on e-books.  She said that of gift options for JCP Books, people were choosing specific books to give to their friends, apparently making their own bundles in some cases.

Here's her entry: 

I commented a little there, but brought it back here, too.  I want to ponder more.  Jordan had given away a free copy of Among the Living on her birthday, and I downloaded it then to give as a gift.  When I tried to get S., my secret love child, into reading e-books, that was one I gave him.  The others I bought copies of for him were Josh's Snowball in Hell, J.L. Langley's With Love, Syd McGinley's Pet Sitting, and Jules Jones' Buildup: Mindscan and Spindrift.

Another book I pimp out (recommend) all the time is Sarah Black's Border Roads.  That has a very wide range of interactions between people.  I wasn't sure how S. would feel about the heterosexual sex in that one.  I'm sure I'll get a print copy sooner or later, and probably lend that to him, after describing it a bit.  I've seen Fearless on the shelves at Giovanni's Room, and have that on my "to get" list, too.

The print book I've given the most copies of is The Fragrant Path, also known as The Fragrant Garden, by Louise Beebe Wilder.  Even if you're not terrifically into gardening, it's beautifully written and very evocative.

I'll most likely get back to this with more thoughts.


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