neyronrose (neyronrose) wrote,

Thursday so far

Kind of busy again, as K.G. came to help me clean.  She'd said she'd come at 12:30, and I was again very slow to get going.  I threw some clothes on.  She got there at 12:05.  I ended up being just as glad I hadn't showered yet, as we kicked up a lot of dust cleaning my room.  We cleared more floor.  I have a lot of VCR tapes of various shows.  We put those in boxes for the moment.  We did a big trash bag of recycling, and a big trash bag of trash, plus a smaller amount of papers to shred, and a few more clothes to donate.  I went off to an appointment, and took a shower when I got home.

Mom and I picked up on cleaning again when I got home.  We cleared various areas of the living room.  Mom emptied out a box of things from Nana A.'s kitchen that must have been in the living room for a good five years or so.  It was a big box, too, so it was a decent accomplishment.

I'm waiting until after the news (which Mom and Dad listen to with the volume very loud) and dinner to catch up on Alles was zahlt.  We'll be doing a lot of wrapping presents, too, so I don't think I'll get too much quiet time.

Tags: cleaning up

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