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Wednesday real life

It was a busy day, at least by my standards.  Dad woke me at 8:30 a.m. by knocking loudly and ringing the doorbell a few times.  He'd forgotten his house keys when he went out.  I shuffled over to the door because it sounded so urgent.  I figured that whoever it was would have to deal with me answering the door in my flannel nightgown.  Dad just got his keys and left for work, after I dazedly asked what time it was and he told me.  I eventually got back to sleep, and woke up again at 11:30 a.m.

I got a very slow start.  I couldn't stop to smell the roses, but I stopped to smell the jasmine, which is blooming again.  I thought I was supposed to meet my prospective roommate in Bala Cynwyd at 2:00 p.m, and didn't leave until 1:20.  I called her social worker, C., at 2:00 to say I had just gotten to Bryn Mawr and would be a while yet.  She said we weren't supposed to meet until 3:00.  That's the way to get me somewhere on time, have me think that the time I'm supposed to get there is an hour earlier than it really is.  This time I did it to myself, but Mom's done that to me on occasion.  It's pretty effective.  I got to Bala Cynwyd at 2:30, and called C.  She called R.A. and told her to come down and let me in.

It's a nice little apartment, two-bedroom, and very nicely decorated.  One little bathroom, and I take long showers sometimes, so we'll see how that goes.  I'd have a walk-in closet.  It's a little expensive for the money I get a month, but if I managed my finances really well, I think I could do it.  I said that I wouldn't be able to move in until February, because January was going to be an expensive month for me, too.

I got $700 in hospital and physical therapy bills in the last couple of weeks, and I need to pay on them.  I think the insurance company has been doing a slow-pay thing with the orthopedist since July, and just paid them.  They were looking for someone to sue, since I wasn't on my own property when I fell, but in the back yard of church friends of my parents'.  I fell all on my own -- there was nobody to sue in my opinion.  It wasn't anybody's fault.  I didn't remember there was a dip in the lawn there, but I hadn't been there too terribly often.

I made what conversation I could with R.A., who was pretty quiet, except for saying she had to take her meds.  Her social worker and cousin came after about twenty minutes, and R. was even more quiet, as I basically told my life story, or at least the "highlights."  R. didn't have any questions.  I would have had a lot of questions if I were someone hearing my story for the first time.  The social worker and R.'s cousin were pretty relaxed about it all, though they had questions along the way through my narrative.  I just answered it all honestly.  Not only am I a bad liar anyway, but there's no point in lying if you're going to move in with somebody.  They said they really didn't have concerns about me, though I don't think I'm necessarily the easiest person to live with.

I explained about having a professional organizer currently helping me clean my room and common areas that I've cluttered.  The social worker said it sounded like I had "hoarding tendencies."  I said I got it from my dad, who can't stand to throw away a piece of paper or a book (or newspaper, or magazine).  When I said that so far K.G. and I had collected eight bags of recycling and four bags of trash, plus we'd gotten four big bags of clothes to donate, C. said it sounded like I could let things go.  I said books would be tough to let go.  I do have the secondhand bookstore or Goodwill to donate them to.  We threw away a few that were in really bad shape, and made three bags of books to donate at some point.  Some I wanted to read first.  Of course, I'd had them for a few years and not read them.  I think I have to get rid of books I haven't read in the last five years or so.

When we asked R. what she thought about my story, or I guess the whole "me as a roommate" idea, she said it sounded good.  "Good?" I asked.  I really was unnerved that she didn't have any questions.  I suppose I sounded like a gentle enough person, or even timid in some ways.  I'm not timid with people I know, or situations I'm familiar with.  I just like to have friends around in situations that are unfamiliar to me.  The social worker and I left together.  I said in the elevator that I didn't really know what R. had thought.  C. said that R. had always lived with her mother, who passed away in July, then had moved into the apartment in August (R. had told me that herself), and had never had a roommate before.  I suppose in some ways I'd probably be good for her.  We'll see if that would be so.  We're supposed to meet in Bryn Mawr sometime next week to talk.  I hope she talks more this time.

I stopped at Radio Shack on the way home, to get a gift card for Dad, then got an iTunes card for J.  J. had come up with the really good idea of me telling K. that I'd help her do a balcony garden in the spring.  I have flower pots and seeds and lots of plants.  They have a nice balcony, and K. already has some pots.  I went through seed packets yesterday, and threw away the ones from 2000, 2001, 2004 and 2008.  I kept a few 2009 ones, and the 2010 ones.  I never did get around to planting seeds last year.  I think it was either raining or cold much of April.  I bought a lot of plants, and a surprising number lived through the summer and until the first hard frost.

At least the gifts for Dad and J. and K. are taken care of.  I'll probably make Mom a pair of earrings.  I'm very tired now.  It was a lot of driving, and I was nervous about going to a strange place and meeting a potential roommate.  I ended living with alcoholics a couple of times in my twenties on occasions when I moved out.  I think someone with a little need for support might be a big improvement over that.  We'll see how it all goes, but it should be interesting.  The social worker said that R. had kind of had a "deer in the headlights" look.  The roommate idea is so new to her, I don't think she knows what to expect.  I explained as best I could to them all what they might expect with me.  I think C. and R.'s cousin got a pretty good idea.  If they're not worried, then I guess they're comfortable with what I am like and would be like as a roommate.

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