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real life Tuesday

Well, it was another day for the professional organizer.  We recycled about four more paper grocery bags full of papers and old magazines, with a few papers to shred.  I made a bag of clothes, and a couple of bags of books to donate to the secondhand bookstore or Goodwill.  We have so many boxes of historical romances at the secondhand bookstore anyway, those will probably go to Goodwill.  The veterans organization that was collecting donated clothes took three big bags of those today.  We made another bag of clothes to donate after they left.  That can go to Goodwill, too.  I made a bag of my underthings, those I'm keeping.  Even with a couple of weeks worth downstairs, I still had quite a lot of socks and so on up in my room.  I found three or four pairs of fishnet stockings.  When I couldn't find a pair, I just bought another pair.

When we were done with the recycling and bagging up clothes, you could see some of the floor in my room, and my desk was cleared off aside from the sheets and towels I keep there.  (I don't have a linen closet.)  There were a lot of old magazines on and under the desk, and we got rid of most of those one way or the other.  I made a pile of Buffy the Vampire Slayer magazines to donate to M. and H.  They're big fans.

I'm going to sort the clothes on my bed into bags, at least until we get the closet and bureaus cleared out.  I don't think there's much in the bureaus anymore, just because I couldn't get to the bureaus.  But I can make a bag or two of T-shirts, and a bag of nice clothes that just need ironing.  (I have a phobia about burning myself or clothes when I try to iron, so I don't do it.)  It might not seem like much, but I feel like we're slowly making progress.  It's a huge job, and part of it is just having someone to encourage me when I get overwhelmed, and break it down into manageable tasks.

Then I watched AWZ -- entry below -- and read some blogs.  TPig is all mad that he got into reading a book that has "Gay for You X 2" (stolen from Sunita), male protagonists who act like teenaged girls around each other (stolen from Val Kovalin, though that's a pretty general complaint with those type of books) and just general lack of emotional realism.  It was a book I'd read and finished, so I was amused.  I think I had more of an attention span then.  Das Bearpork apparently wants the protagonists in contemporary m/m romances he reads to act like actual gay guys might act.  I want that too, but I thought it was just me.  I adore getting feedback on m/m romances from actual gay men who have been in actual gay relationships, like S., TPig, and a few others I talk to.  I mean, I have my sense of what's realistic, but it's nice to have it confirmed.

Added: Tam (Tam in Canada?) wrote a hilarious m/m story for Kris' "choose your own m/m adventure" series.  Lisabea and Kris and Tracy (I don't think I know Tracy, unless she goes by another online name) appeared in it, acting pretty characteristic.  That just made me laugh that much more.  Things have been kind of grim around here lately, so it's good to get some amusement.  Thanks, Tam. 

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