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AWZ Tuesday

Conflict between Ben and Papa Reichenbach, conflict between Tom and Papa Reichenbach.  I think that Tom pointed out that his father wasn't even there for Isabelle's wedding.  Some conversation between Tom and Ben -- Papa R. had blamed Tom, who wasn't even there.  Ben told Tom it wasn't his fault.  Tom said he was Isabelle's big brother.  I thought Tom was Isabelle's younger brother -- he looks younger.  Papa R. wants to take comatose Isabelle to Luxembourg.  Ben had a nightmare about what the EKP ladies said was the "Freddy Kreuger" Isabelle.  The makeup people outdid themselves.

Axel was all excited about getting a letter inviting him to speak at his alma mater(?).  His time at university getting his doctorate were the best years of his life, he told Constanze and Brigitte.  Then he realized he couldn't actually give a speech.  He called the university, and used little notes of phrases to tell them he couldn't do it.  He said, "'Gruss' to my colleagues."  I'd been wanting to know how to pronounce "gruss" (kind of like "grouse") and I've heard it a couple of times on the shows lately.  There are important Old Garden Roses with that in the name, 'Gruss an Aachen' and 'Gruss an Teplitz'.  "Gruss" means "greetings."  'Gruss an Aachen' means "Hello from Aachen," roughly.

Marian had hit his head chasing his prostitute.  (I think her name is either Jessica or Cheyenne.)  She went into her doctor role and checked to see if he'd damaged anything important.  As he came to, he called her Jenny.  Roman got an expression that said it had become clear to him.  The doctor/pro and Roman got Marian over to a chaise lounge so he could recline.  Roman, still in his Santa hat, got Marian a glass of water.  Someone said Jessica/Cheyenne(?) was ice cold.  Would that make her a stone pro?  Anyway, she took off when Marian asked her questions.

Marian didn't go to the hospital to get checked out as she advised, but went to the bar.  He and Roman had some interesting conversation.  I'm hoping that gets translated.  I really hope Deniz is planning to be back for Christmas time.  It looks like Marian went ahead with Roman's suggestion and started decorating for the Christmas party.  The Christmas party will probably start tomorrow or Thursday, and continue next week.  I think the soap operas are off for Christmas Eve and New Year's.

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