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real life Monday

Well, perhaps it was quiet by most people's standards, but it turned out kind of busy for me.  I caught up somewhat on some write-ups of edits.  I'm getting a better idea in my mind about it, about one of the G. books, because it's more of an overall editing at this point, with line editing coming later.  I had to process, and I'm still thinking things over.  There are a lot of interesting concepts, but there will be some revision of how they're presented.  I just want to do a good job with this type of editing.

I dropped my flower arrangements off at N.F.'s house, and gave D.F. the Christmas card for him and N.  N. wasn't home right then.  I'm sure I'll talk to her soon.  She sent me a cute e-card.

I got my little present from LB.  I appreciated it.  I'd gotten a funny card from Jordan last week or so.  If you'd read the Sweet Oblivion books, you could appreciate it that much more.

I read several reviews of the Sony e-reader I got.  It seems to be a considerable improvement on the last generation or two of them, with much less glare.  I found out that you can't download books directly to it unless you buy the books from the Sony Reader Store.  That explained a lot.  Now I know I wasn't just doing something wrong.  It's really not a problem for me to use the USB to drag and drop books from the computer.

Some of the reviewers said that a good point was that you could get e-books from your local library, so I experimented with that.  I managed to download a few.  Most I looked up were out.  I also saw that I had a couple of print books that were due back on the 17th, so we made a trip to the library after dinner.  Aside from it being cold, that trip was all right.

I got books on houseplants, vines and climbers, and fuchsias.  The fuchsia book was just for me to think about what kind I'd like to get this summer.  I like the ones with pink sepals and a white corolla.  It's not half as common as the pink sepals and purple corolla, but I like the pink-and-white combination much better.  I know a couple of places I could get one from.

I was really cold after our trip out at night, so I curled up on my couch-bed with the heating pad on my ankle and my blankets over me.  It took me a couple of hours to get warm again.  I flipped through the books on houseplants and vines.  I'd looked in the indexes at the library to see if they had jasmine.  I read their little sections on care of jasmines, and some of the other plant descriptions.  Mom said it was really good to see me reading.  I was basically looking at pictures and reading paragraphs here and there, but the books could be used as reference books with pretty photos easily enough, so I was getting something out of it.

The consensus on the Sony e-reader I got seems to be that it's expensive, but it does what it's supposed to do pretty well.  I'm happy with it, and I'm sure I'm only using a fraction of its capabilities.  There are some things I have yet to figure out, but I'll get it.  It's working for what I wanted it for, and that's the important thing.

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