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flowers I really like

Well, it's something to look ahead to, for the most part.  I'll start at this time of year.  I like amaryllis.  I'm good with the classic red, though some of the pink and white ones are pretty, too.  I like tuberous (Rieger?) begonias.  They're on sale this time of year.  I think they're on sale pretty much all around the year in the big independent garden center I go to.  The fully double ones have flowers that look very rose-like.  I like African violets.

In early spring: snowdrops, pansies, snow crocus, mahonia, winter honeysuckle, ranunculus, primroses, wallflowers, cherry blossom, witch hazel, camellias.  No, I don't have any camellia trees -- I'd need a big greenhouse -- but Longwood Gardens has about a dozen in a permanent planting by the East Conservatory, and I think a few more that they rotate out to the conservatories that change displays as they bloom.  My favorite part of the conservatories at Longwood Gardens is the orchid room.

Mid-spring: Dutch crocus, daffodils, grape hyacinth, sweet peas, tulips, stock, hyacinths, bleeding heart, columbines, Brunnera macrophylla (perennial forget-me-not), apple blossom, dogwood.  Forsythia, though it's so common.  It's still cheerful.  'Dawn' viburnum and daphne (had but killed off).  Lilacs, as many as possible.  Tyler Arboretum has dozens and dozens.  I try to get there for them every year.  The magnolias that bloom in spring.

Late spring: irises, pinks, peonies, lily-of-the valley, Judd viburnum, more I'll think of later.

Early summer: roses, sweet bay magnolia, tradescantia.

Summer: roses, bee balm, foxglove, daylilies, delphinium, poppies, geraniums, balsam and other impatiens, begonias, jasmine, Oriental lilies, tiger lilies, cornflower, four o'clocks, lantana, portulaca, rose of Sharon, heliotrope, fuchsia, calendula, lotus, waterlilies, clematis.

Late summer: cardinal flower, colchicum, butterfly bush.

Fall: pineapple sage, mistflower, fall-blooming crocus.

I have a lot of favorites, it's true.  I've grown all but camellias, lotus, cherry trees, and waterlilies at one time or another.

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