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AWZ Friday

The doctors used defibrillation on Isabelle.  Where "clear" is the English word for "stand back," the German is "Achtung!"  They managed to revive her.  Tom is so beautiful in his anguish for her.

Andy the hockey player, wondering what had happened to Flo and Frank, poked his head into the locker room and interrupted their kiss.  Frank shoved Flo back into the lockers.  Andy said something to Florian, and Florian told him to shut up.  Flo was next seen in the trainer's office, as Roman roughly applied ice to the goose egg on Florian's head.  Frank was next seen telling Vanessa all about it.  Vanessa thought it was sweet that Florian had worked as a Christmas angel to earn the money to get Frank the "Franziska" jersey.

Ben and Katja exchanged anguished glances and a few anguished words about Isabelle.  Katja's first words to Ben were, "How's Isabelle doing?"  She'd absorbed enough of what her sisters had told her to say that it had been an accident.  Ben's blaming himself and them as a couple.  He said that never would have happened to Isabelle if he and Katja hadn't gotten together.  Friday's eyeflash.

Lena had talked the sense into Katja, reminding her that Isabelle had doped and cut her.  Suddenly Katja didn't blame herself for Isabelle's fiery accident any more.

Flo came to see Frank, and Frank apologized for shoving him and giving him a nasty scrape and bump on his head.  They talked, getting closer and closer, with more and more sizzling teenaged lust for each other, until they kissed again.  Things are looking promising on the Flo/Frank front at the moment.  Even if I hadn't read the spoilers, I'd guess that they were going to goof things up for themselves soon enough by doing stupid teenaged stuff.  For now we can enjoy the kissing.  At least with Roman and Deniz, Roman was experienced and knew what to do to make it good for Deniz.  Florian is so obviously a virgin, just like Deniz was.

I just wish Flo, Frank, and the rest of the hockey team had learned something about homophobia.  It was so inconsistent that the hockey team didn't say any of those homophobic slurs to Roman or Deniz' faces.  You can sort of rationalize it by thinking they knew there would be hell to pay if they did.  The team is now treating Frank much more gently.  I'm not quite sure what Andy's saying, but he's much more physically affectionate towards Flo again, patting his cheek and such.  Maybe their attitudes towards women will get better.

After a scene or two with Katja, Ben headed back to the hospital.  Isabelle and Tom's father, played by the same actor who played Prince Boring of VL's father, told Ben to stay away from Isabelle.  Ben took his frustrations out on a punching bag until Katja and he talked again and Ben said it was their fault.

Richard called to say Vanessa had a little brother.  At least she knows this one's related to her.  Simone took the call, and told Richard she'd tell Vanessa.  Simone even said, "Congratulations," though the words must have been like bitter poison in her mouth.  Rafael saw she was feeling down, and cancelled his date with Lena.  Simone fell asleep in the bathtub, and dreamed that Rafael came in and did naughty things to her under the cover of the bubbles.  I think Rafael and Lena are a much better couple.  Not that Simone doesn't deserve to be happy, but it's all very awkward and would be better if this wasn't so much a "cougar Simone" thing.

Well, I'll enjoy the Christmas cheer on the show, get hungry seeing all the cookies and chocolate the characters are eating, and wish I had mulled wine to drink.  LB liked it.  Now I'm just waiting to see how the Wilds, Deniz, and Frank celebrate the holidays.  I'm sure Roman and Deniz will have a happy time.  We'll see if Florian is more of an angel or devil.
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