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Friday real life

So far much better than Thursday.  I went over to S.M.'s for lunch and to give her computer lessons.  She gave me a necklace and votive candles for Christmas.  "Thank you," I said.  "I collect candles."  In a big way.  I sent her an Amazon gift card so she could get a CD.

Erastes posted on the m/m romance Yahoo group that Library Journal had an article about the ten m/m romances that should go in a core collection:  PsyCop: Partners was on the list.  So were Fatal Shadows and The Tin Star.  The only one I didn't have was Discreet Young Gentleman.  I hesitated to get something with a cover like that.  It might have been Erastes who said it looked like the man in front had polecats (weasels?) in his breeches.  Some kind of wiggly smallish mammal, anyway.

I e-mailed the usual suspects, and posted it on the AfterElton m/m romance thread.

I plan to do editing and watch AWZ.  I'll have more to say later.

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