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Thursday real life

I had an appointment in [borough], then ran an errand.  When I left for the appointment, it was starting to snow.  An hour later, the snow was really sticking.  I had to brush and scrape my car windows and windshields before I could get going.  I was fishtailing around on the roads, and my anti-lock brakes went on a couple of times.  It just takes longer to stop when they engage, and there are a lot of hills and stop signs in [borough].  The salt and gravel trucks were out pretty fast though, and the roads out of [borough] were salted.  The main road was backed up as far as I could see, so I turned onto a road I was unfamiliar with, which ended and gave you the choice of right or left onto another road.  I traveled around the countryside until I got to a road I recognized, which took me to a semi-local town some way west of where we live.  I knew how to get home from there.  It took an hour to get from [borough] to home.  Part of that was being on the main road out of town, which the traffic was barely moving on, and part was the time I spent being lost and driving home from [semi-local town].

I rested for a bit when I got home, and called S.M.  The plan is that I'll go over there for lunch and computer lessons for her tomorrow, weather permitting.  I was trying to give her directions on activating Task Manager to get rid of ads that were popping up on her screen, but either I wasn't explaining clearly, or she wasn't understanding well, or both.

I lit some beeswax candles and put the heating pad on my ankle.  One of the reasons I got off the main road was that my ankle was really starting to ache from hitting the brakes a few times a minute in the stop-and-go traffic.  I curled up on the couch with my e-reader, and read Jade Buchanan's Bear With Me.  I was really tempted to volunteer to proofread that one, just so I could read it early.  It's a cute little story, with polar bear and grizzly bear shapeshifters.

The jasmine nitidum is blooming again.  I'm glad I've kept it happy enough that it's flowering.  I love the fragrance of it.

I watched Alles was zahlt after dinner.  I'll do a post on it at some point.   

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