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AWZ Wednesday

There was this stunt sort of thing where flames shot up some distance from Isabelle.  Ben was right there wrapping Isabelle in his coat, when he'd just been standing there at the end of last episode.  It looked pretty low-budget on the effects to me.  Then again, Alles was zahlt has never been one of the "glamor soaps" like Verbotene Liebe is.  Katja was all traumatized just from seeing it, and said it was all her fault.  Annette gave her hugs.  Being pressed to Annette's bosom would definitely cheer me up.

Let's see...there was some Lena and Annette interaction.  They were making all kinds of cookies.  I got very hungry watching them.  There was sexually-charged interaction between Lena and Rafael.  She's learning kendo from him, and is apparently getting very good very fast.  Lena was pretty sparkly, when usually dealing with a romantic interest zombifies her.  I think Simone realizes that there was something between Lena and Rafael.  Simone is very attracted to Rafael.  I don't think they have that much chemistry, and Simone must be twenty years older.  She's still a very vital woman, but the man she has such great chemistry with is Richard.

Florian and the rest of the hockey team asked Frank to come back to play with them.  Andy was giving Florian a hard time about it all at first, asking if he liked Frank better as a guy or a girl.  However, according to Ingo, their playing is horrible without her.  I had thought that Frank's flashbacks to being humiliated on the ice when she originally tried out as a girl were just some kind of nightmare she'd had, but apparently it happened in the soap opera version of real life.  Ingo apologized for his total fail in allowing the brutal misogynistic bullying to take place.  I thought a lot less of Ingo when I realized it was supposed to have happened for real.  Also, it's even harder to think that they didn't recognize her features if they first saw her as a girl.

It's amazing how fast just about all of the homophobic comments died down when the hockey team realized that Florian and Frank were straight.  Nobody seems to have learned anything from all that.  Deniz is running No. 7 in Marian's absence, and he offered the players a round of drinks on the house when they said they wanted Frank to come back.  He'll make no profit for the bar that way, but at least he isn't spending the money on hookers.

Marian's prostitute/doctor was on in her doctor capacity.  She's not only a neurologist, but an expert on burns as well.  It's kind of like Oliver was the expert on whatever medical issue came up.  Once again I look at it from a sort of feminist perspective and ask why a doctor would also work as a prostitute.  It's reducing her to her place as a sex object, I guess.  It was one thing for Deniz, who flunked out of high school and had no actual marketable skills to be "showing people the town."  Why would a high-level health professional need or want to prostitute herself?  I still think the show's writers have some disturbingly backwards ideas about women's roles.

The Steinkamps (aside from Ben and Isabelle) were having a happy time decorating the Christmas tree and getting ready for the holiday, at least until they heard that Isabelle had fallen into the flames.

There was some good conversation between Deniz and Florian.  I'm not sure what advice Deniz was giving Florian, but I think it was something like, "Fight for your woman."  Deniz has been nothing but kind to Florian.  Though he's only three years older than Florian, he's effectively being a wonderful step-parent to Florian.  Deniz is very popular with the whole hockey team, especially when he treats them to drinks.  They don't call him nasty names, though they are well aware that he has a romantic relationship with Roman and identifies as gay (again).

Tom came into the flatshare very cheerful, only to see Katja with her head on Annette's lap, crying.  "Hey, what's wrong?" he asked, very concerned.  They didn't show the conversation in which the Bergmanns explained what was wrong.  They did show Tom coming into Isabelle's hospital room, where Ben was holding her hand, and yelling at and punching Ben.  Furious Tom, Ben looking up from the floor, his mouth bloody.  Eyeflashes.

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