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AWZ Tuesday

Annette and Tom's "blind date" was very literal, as Deniz had them wear blindfolds, and they had to feel their way around the table for their breakfasts.  Ingo had put an electronic bug among the napkins, and was listening in, using his laptop and a headset.  Lena asked him what he was doing.  I believe Ingo denied doing anything.  At some point, he got so jealous that he went over to No. 7, and snuck around at the table.  Annette happened to be saying mostly good things about him, I think.  He went to sneak back out, and Annette caught him.  They argued back at the flatshare, and Ingo admitted to being a bit jealous.  It somehow came out in the argument that each of them had fished through the trash and read the other's note about who they'd like to swing with.  They made up in the bathtub.  Annette blindfolded Ingo, and things went from there.

Deniz also appeared as Axel's little helper in the episode, as puzzled at what Axel was trying to say as everyone else is.  Axel said something rude to Deniz, and Deniz left the office with a little door slam.  I didn't recognize the words for "get out" or "leave me alone" -- I know the words in those two phrases -- but Axel apparently got his point across clearly enough.

I don't know if Axel knew he'd signed an exhumation order for Jenny's grave.  Brigitte had certainly done her womanly best to distract him from what he was signing at that point.  Anyway, a couple of workers dug up the grave that Axel was planning to dig up himself.  I'm sure I'm missing many of the finer points of this plot.

Axel found out that the ashes in Jenny's grave were fireplace ashes.  Max and Simone said that it certainly proved that they weren't Jenny's ashes, so Axel wouldn't get an inheritance after all.  Simone was very happy, and I was happy to see her "triumph over Axel" as in the title of the episode.

Katja/Ben/Isabelle stuff.  I fast-forwarded through the Isabelle and Ben stuff.  Isabelle brought her wedding dress and Ben's wedding suit out to the front of the Center, draped both over advertising boards out front, put gasoline or lighter fluid on them, and flicked her lighter.  Ben and Katja came out, and Ben said to Isabelle, "What are you doing?"  Ben and Isabelle struggled.  Isabelle dropped the lighter, and the flames caught in the lighter fluid.  Isabelle stumbled back and fell into a mini-inferno.  She screamed while Katja and Ben stood there.  Eyeflashes from Katja and Ben.
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