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busy day today

And I didn't even leave the house -- probably just as well, as it was very cold.  I had a professional organizer, K.G., come work with me to get my papers and living spaces in order.  We worked for three hours, and set up files for important papers.  I got all the clothes that had been on the floor in my room off the floor.  Another two big bags of clothes are slated for donation.  One of Dad's veterans groups is collecting donated items, and they particularly asked for clothes.  There's now a big pile of clothes that still fit me on the bed.  Since I'm still sleeping on the couch until my room is cleared out, that's not particularly a problem.  K.G. is going to come back tomorrow.  I think she felt I was on a roll.

Edited to add: Well, Jordan requested more information.  K.G. was strongly encouraging me to throw things away.  She said that otherwise it was just shifting the clutter around.  I filled a big trash bag with paper recycling, and a couple more trash bags with papers to shred.  "Throw away" was definitely the emphasis as far as K.G. was concerned, though.  I managed it with a few items of clothing that were really ratty.  There were other things I thought might come in handy at some point.  K.G. didn't think so.  I get it from Dad, who has never seen a piece of paper or a book he wants to get rid of.

I managed okay with old hockey magazines.  I was less eager to get rid of old issues of SFX, which had a lot of articles about Buffy the Vampire Slayer while it was still running.  I can think of a few people who might appreciate reading those magazines, though.  I'll have to talk to M.  He's a big Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan.  (Added: E-mailed M.)

I think my closet comes next.  I obviously don't have enough room in my closet for all my clothes, even after I got together four big bags of clothes to donate, two a few weeks ago and two today.  My closet door is broken, too, which I think is a lovely metaphor.  I worked on the area around the computer this evening.  I was acquiring quite a pile of papers that lived on the printer, and slid off of it every so often.  I sorted those out into some of the categories that we'd made folders for.  I need to make correspondence folders, too.

The coffee table is another project.  Dad put all the books that had been on it into a box.  I got about a dozen books from Amazon and a few from other places in the last month and a half or so.  So there's now a mix of gardening books and gay romance novels living under the coffee table, and a lot more papers and some clothes living on top of it.  A pot of lilies and the two freesias ended up on the coffee table as well.  They'll likely soon go out to the garage, as they're done blooming.

I still want to clear a path from my door to the bed, and hopefully clear more of my room, too, so you can see some of the carpet in other spots.  Sometimes I have dreams that my room has been cleaned, and that you can see the floor, and then I wake up.  Perhaps this week and the next my dreams will acquire some aspect of reality.

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