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AWZ Monday

The party continued.  Ingo had given Constanze the leopardskin print padded handcuffs.  Annette fumed.  Ingo saw the picture of Tom and Annette kissing under the mistletoe, and fumed.  I think there was another picture of Roman kissing Tom, but Ingo didn't see that one.  A new(?) tradition at the No. 7 party is to pick out people to go on blind dates with.  One net basket was blue for the boys, one was pink for the girls.  Annette's date was Tom.  Ingo fumed more.  Constanze gave Axel the handcuffs the next day at work.  Later in the day, Axel tried to dig up Jenny's grave, the one he put up.  He would have only found fireplace ashes in there anyway.

Roman's still training Isabelle, but I don't think he wanted her and Katja on the ice at the same time.  He still doesn't seem thrilled with Isabelle.  Roman seemed rather hungover, too.

I fast-forwarded through the Ben and Isabelle stuff.  At the end of the episode, Ben kissed Katja in the elevator, and told her that his marriage with Isabelle was over.  Isabelle didn't see them kiss, but she saw them holding hands when the elevator opened.  Eyeflash.  I'm sure she'll try to kill Katja now.  Not that Katja and Ben are blameless in this, but once Isabelle cut Katja, that did it for me.  Isabelle went into the category of dangerously unstable and dangerous to others with that act. 

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