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Monday day and early evening

Woke up very headachy.  Took some medicine and ate breakfast.  Got hives, which I really hope were not from the medicine.  They went away after a couple of hours.  I really didn't want to go anywhere or do anything, but it was the Goodbye for the Semester/Brainstorming for Next Semester meeting of the officers of the GLBT organization, and the mentor of the group had especially invited me.  I made myself get washed up and dressed, and packed up some various things to bring.  I wanted to bring M.'s gay history class books back.  I'd only had them for a year and a half or so.  I had other books to donate to the organization, and some especially to give to S.  I wasn't about to donate gay erotica books to a school organization, but S. is twenty-one now, and I figured he could deal.

I couldn't lift the whole box of books, so I ended up making a couple of trips to bring the books to the car.  I brought some flowering tea to share out with the students.  I'd gotten another box of the "variety pack" that Jordan had sent me, and I brought along boxes of the other types.  I brought the e-reader, my new toy, as well.  I got there around 4:15, and ran into S. as soon as I got off the elevator.  We walked to the office, where I put some things down.  I asked if he could carry the box of books in from the car.  I'm quite sure he can lift more than his own weight (probably considerably more than his own weight -- he works out a lot), so I figured a box of books would be no trouble for him.  He was happy to do it, especially since I said some of the books were for him.  He made lifting a box of books look effortless.

When we got back to the office, I made quick work of sorting out the books that were M.'s and those I thought might be, books for S., and books to donate to the organization.  S. took a couple of the non-fiction books to read as well as the erotica and erotic romance books.  There was an erotica book, Desire, Lust, Passion, Sex by Jamison Currier, and Midnight Thirsts: Erotic Tales about Vampires.  Those went right to S.  He also took Writing Desire, the book about three generations of gay men writing autobiography, and That's Revolting, about left-wing radicals resisting assimilation into mainstream culture.  I gave Patrick Califia's book Sex Changes to Logan, who's a transman and happened to be in the office.  I would have just put it on the bookshelf and mentioned it to him later if I hadn't seen him then.

Then it was time for the Goodbye/Brainstorming meeting.  I had thought the food would be from the school's own catering service, but it was from Olive Garden.  Their chicken parmesan is really good.  I had a piece of chicken, but I thought it would be greedy to take another whole piece, so I asked S. if he wanted to share a second piece.  He'd said before the meeting that he was hungry, so he was willing enough to share more of the chicken.

The students had lots of good ideas for educational meetings.  There will be one on bisexuality by the president of the group, and one about being genderqueer.  There will be another cupcake-decorating event this coming semester.  That one's always a huge hit.  I said that the time Victor Banis had come had been really interesting, and that I had author friends I could talk to.  J.H., the mentor of the group, told me to contact possible speakers I knew.  M. said it would be nice to have a meeting about LGBT people and religion, but some of the other group members objected.  J.H. said that the Rev. Troy Perry had come to speak at [university].  I remembered that.  He drew a packed house -- the big auditorium was full.

There will be a meeting celebrating allies, and I know some people I'd like to bring to that one.  That will probably be the second week in February.  Interested, Lisabea?  It sounded like a packed semester for the GLBT organization's meetings.  I'd definitely like to help bring some speakers, though.

The students didn't really hear about the tea during dinner, but I announced afterwards that they could get flowering tea, and they came up then.  Logan was asking for two of each kind.  I said, "Let other people have some, too."  He said he and his partner really liked tea.  I said that you could refrigerate the tea flower and steep it another two times, so it lasted for a while.  Not the way they drank tea, he said.  Today was really the first time I'd interacted directly with Logan.  We settled things so Logan got quite an assortment of tea, but that the other students got some as well.  I told V. that I had more jasmine tea, that she should e-mail me and I would hook her up with jasmine tea.  It was a little chaotic, but it felt nice to be giving the students something.

I was in a much better mood afterwards.  The students always cheer me up.  They're so bright and full of energy, and were very positive and enthusiastic about all they wanted to do in the spring semester.  I got to have dinner with my secret love child and other of the students I'm fond of, and felt like I'd be able to make contributions to next semester's events, too.

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