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Saturday real life

It was relatively nice out, and I thought of going to Longwood Gardens, but no one wanted to go with me.  I tried J.S., who was the graduate assistant for the GLBT group for two years.  He likes flowers, and likes to go to Longwood Gardens.  When I called, the message I got was "out of network range."  My phone ran out of charge shortly thereafter, so perhaps it was my phone.  Maybe he and D.S. are on a cruise or something -- it could happen.  I decided to go see the Christmas display there another day -- probably not on a Saturday.

Dad put up Christmas lights all across the roof line in the front of the house.  They're pale blue, and look quite pretty.

I finally did get outside in the late afternoon, when it was getting colder.  We went to the dollar store and Mrs. L.'s.  I got some Christmas cards at the dollar store.  Mom wanted to go to Mrs. L.'s so Mrs. L., who's something of a seamstress, could pin up the hems of a few pairs of pants for her.  Mom is even shorter than I am, so even some petite-length pants are too long.  She wanted to get some she could wear under her knee brace, though.  It was nice to see Mrs. L.  She always has a lot to talk about.  She's a librarian, too, so she and Mom talk shop.

A. came down after a while, and joined in the conversation somewhat.  She doesn't usually come up with topics on her own, but she has a good memory, and contributes when Mrs. L. tells a story.  A. doesn't really have the concept of "inside voice" down.  As I've mentioned in previous posts, A. had hydrocephalus as an infant, and had to have brain surgery so shunts could be inserted.  I don't know if it was the hydrocephalus or the brain surgery, but one of her eyes doesn't track.  It took me a long time to realize that I should just try to focus on the eye of hers that is looking at me, and not worry about the wandering one.  People get the correct impression that she's mentally disabled.  She's not of low intelligence, but her processing is pretty slow in some ways.  A. can be quite animated when she has a friend to talk to who knows how to draw her into a conversation.  I've never really mastered that with her.

When I got home, I finished watching Thursday's episode of AWZ.  Then I started playing with my new toy again.  I got an e-mail from Dreamspinner that they were having a sale on their award-winning books.  It was apparently the Rainbow Awards.  I got a few.  Again, I could log on to Dreamspinner on my e-reader, and I even got as far as getting a couple of books in my shopping cart, but then the e-reader got stuck on a page and started making those "trying to process" circles.  (Edited to add: I later found out that you cannot download directly from an e-publisher to a Sony e-reader.  You can only buy and download directly from the Sony Reader store.  I'll report on that when I try buying a book from there.)  I attached the e-reader to the computer and signed onto Dreamspinner from there.  Oddly enough, the books were still in my shopping cart.  I think it saves them if you're logged in when you put them in the cart.  I got a couple more of the award-winners.  I already had Special Delivery, which I'd seen good recommendations for.

After I had my little on-sale book buying spree, I looked for free books on Google.  I'd gotten Dean Hole's A Book About Roses before.  I looked under "S. Reynolds Hole" again, and he had several more, under Samuel Reynolds Hole.  "Dean" was his title in the Church of England.  I didn't get the ones about religion and church life, but I got more of his books on gardening.  I found several books by Gertrude Jekyll, and a couple by Louise Beebe Wilder that had been published before 1920.

I tried to think who else had written books about garden plants in the late nineteeth or early twentieth century, and came up with E.H. Wilson.  There are a lot of E.H. Wilsons in Google Books, but I found the one who collected plants from China and Japan for the Arnold Arboretum.  His full name was Ernest Henry Wilson.  I only knew E.H. "Chinese" Wilson, for his adventures in China.  I didn't think I'd get too far using his nickname.

Some of the books I found were even available in e-pub format, so they went on the e-reader.  I got some more off the computer, more favorites and ones I hadn't read yet.  I now have 112 books on there.  I think I got it on Thursday, so I've been relatively busy with downloading onto the e-reader.

I went on the Chrolli book club channel at 8:00 p.m., then went right away from the computer when Dad brought home a late dinner.  Jen from Great Britain said hi during that half hour or so I was away from the keyboard.  She didn't respond when I got back.  She probably figured no one was there and went to bed.  I spent most of the rest of the time on Google Books anyway.  I've got to think of more gardening authors who were popular in Victorian times and in the early twentieth century.  Free gardening books are awesome.

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