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Friday real life

Off to take Mom to the orthopedist so she could get a cortisone shot in her shoulder.  The doctor was running late.  We ended up being there for two hours.  I'd brought my new toy, the Sony e-reader, so I read quite a bit of All or Nothing.  I'd gotten the book just as soon as it came out, but had a couple of mental blocks about it.  One was about sitting at the computer for so long.  That was why I planned to get it in print sooner or later.  The other was my fear of bad things happening to Nicky.  It turns out Shayna is so annoying that I'm not bothered by what might happen to her, and I don't care about Dian, either.  I'm up to about page 100, I guess.  I'm going to go curl up in my couch-bed and read for a while.

Added: I finished All or Nothing.  So much better to be able to have my feet up and read rather than sitting at the computer.  (*spoilery*)  Shayna's behavior towards Nicky and Brandon improved tremendously by right near the end of the book.  I almost warmed to her a little bit.  Yes, if you've read the book -- or written it, in James' case -- you'll realize that I'm pretty cold when it comes to children.  I think it's much for the best that I didn't have any.  I enjoyed the book.  Nicky remains by far my favorite character.

Going to see if I can get to sleep early.  (It was about midnight at that point.)  It was a very long and busy week.
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