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Thursday real life

Tried to drag some books from my computer to the e-reader I'd gotten.  It said "Processing."  Half an hour later, it was still processing.  I went to [borough] for an appointment.  Three hours after I dragged and dropped the books, it was still processing for six books.  I took it back and got a Sony e-reader.

When Dad got home, he helped me get the Sony onto our wireless network.  I love my new toy, as I posted in some entries above.  Even while it was still charging, I could download e-books from the computer.  That was cool.  I could get online with it, too.  I haven't tried actually buying books yet, as I'm pretty much out of money for the month.  (At least I paid all my bills for the month.)  I went to my "bookshelves" at e-book publishers, and managed to download some to the computer, then to the e-reader.  I got some in e-pub format, of the companies that offered books in different formats for download.  Will report more as I try more.

Edited to add: I later found out that you could only directly download books you got from the Sony Reader store to the Sony e-reader.  As of two months later, I haven't bought any books from the Sony store.  I downloaded a couple of free short stories from there when I was experimenting with it.  I've gotten plenty of books from Samhain, Loose Id, and Amber Quill Press, and some from Aspen Mountain Press and Liquid Silver, etc.  I've bought books from e-book distributors, and downloaded free books from Google and Project Gutenberg.  I've just put them all in my book files on the desktop computer, then dragged and dropped them into the e-reader when the USB is attached.  It's not bothering me at all to do that.  I can just put my feet up and read, or read in bed, no problem.

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