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AWZ Wednesday

Steinkamp family stuff.  Rafael tried to comfort Simone in her worries.  Ingo found handcuffs with leopardskin print padding, and wanted to play with them.  He'd earlier talked with the swinger Nadine about bringing back his cowboy boots.  Ingo managed to handcuff himself to the bed, and waited for Annette.  Nadine came in wearing Ingo's cowboy boots and a very abbreviated Western outfit.  Ingo tried to explain to Nadine that he didn't want to do it with her.  She pointed out that his erection was saying differently.  Indeed, there was quite the bulge in Ingo's briefs, which was all he was wearing besides the handcuffs.  AWZ just gets raunchier and raunchier.  (lol)  Annette came in in a little police outfit just as Nadine slid her hands down Ingo's belly and had almost reached the bulge that was little Ingo.  Ingo said to Annette that it wasn't what it looked like.  (Hee.)  I think Nadine said then that she and Ingo had been very, very bad.  The police whistle dropped out of Annette's mouth.  Eyeflash.

There was an ice skater photoshoot at the Center.  I don't know why Roman wasn't there.  Deniz was there, I guess to provide modeling advice.  Katja showed up very late.  The hairstylist fumed over trying to turn her into Cinderella in ten minutes, with Katja's hair flying every which way when she came in.  AWZ had a gay figure skater in Roman.  I think they went with the stereotype of the hairdresser as well.  Deniz looked amused, anyway.  Perhaps he recognized familiar mannerisms or style.  I recognized mannerisms I'm familiar with.

The girl who'd won first place at the NR/W competition and Isabelle posed together, both looking very nice.  The hockey players looked on and hooted.  Frank and Florian were not present.  Katja came skating in wearing a black catsuit.  The hockey players held their sticks crossed above her head like an honor guard does with swords.  She got to pose all by herself.  The hairstylist and makeup artist had worked wonders, and she looked gorgeous.  Ben couldn't stop staring.  Tom noticed.  Ben was not subtle.  I'm sure if Isabelle noticed, she'd be ready to "cut the bitch" again.

Worth watching for Katja in the catsuit, and, if you like that kind of thing, Ingo's bondage fail.  Episode 1072:

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