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real life Wednesday

Out all day.  Went to the library, the grocery store, Barnes & Noble.  Got another Mercedes Lackey book, Intrigues.  Eyed the Nooks.  Asked if they had DRM.  They do.  Wrote to Teddypig to ask him about Nooks and other e-readers.  Edited: Got a cheap e-reader at Best Buy before I heard back from TPig.  Since I said which e-reader it was on Jordan's journal, I'll say it here now.  It was a Literati.  The Best Buy reviews, which I looked up at home, were mixed.  A couple said the one I got took forever to connect to the Internet, and forever to download books.  Teddypig said he found a blog review that hated it, and a number of comments saying that it had just stopped working.  Bad news, he said.  He recommended a Sony or Aluratek if I was going to get just an e-reader.  If the one I got isn't doing everything I want it to do, including a fast Internet connection, by Friday, I'll take it back and get a Sony.  I much appreciate TPig's advice.

Added: On Thursday, I tried to put maybe six e-books on the reader from the computer, after the reader had fully charged overnight.  It said "processing."  I went out.  Three hours later, it still said "processing."  I detached it from the computer.  It said it was reverting to factory settings.  I took it back and got a Sony, as I wrote in Thursday's entry.  As soon as I hooked the Sony up to the computer, I was able to download a half-dozen books on it, before the e-reader was fully charged, and it was as quick as it would be to put them on a flash drive or download them in the first place.

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