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AWZ Monday and reading

Deniz is back, and worried about his dad.  Marian is taking wads of Euros from the bar's cash box and visiting the prostitute.  Axel is still trying to talk right.  He saw his doctor, and I'm pretty sure the doctor is also the prostitute.  I'm confused, but just telling myself it's a soap opera.  I'm sure it's far from the first time a doctor has also been a prostitute in a soap opera.  Richard and Max are conspiring to keep Simone believing that Jenny is alive.  Axel stole the graphology report from the courier, and opened in the Center's elevator.  He wants his inheritance, which would I suppose be a third of the Center.  Simone and Richard were able to stop Jenny from doing anything when she owned a third of the Center.  I don't know how Axel's going to do that much better.  Simone and Richard would certainly be united against anything Axel wanted to do.

Axel is reading from notes to try to get words right.  I don't think that's how aphasia actually works.  I knew a couple of residents in retirement communities who had it from strokes that affected that part of the brain, and I'm sure they would have read from notes if that would have made them say the words they wanted to say.  I'm telling myself it's soap opera medicine.

I'll pick up romances featuring injured heroes, and a couple lately have annoyed me highly with their version of medicine.  In one, one of the protagonists broke his leg in about five places.  He had it pinned together, was put in a walking cast, and started walking, no crutches or cane or anything.

In another, the story started with one of the heroes breaking his ankle.  I think they call it a compound fracture when the bone goes out through the skin.  As soon as he saw his rescuer, he was overcome with lust, and totally aroused by the guy who was helping him hobble to his truck.  Just the intense lust despite the situation peeved me.  There are circumstances where someone would be thinking sex, and there are circumstances when they're focused on something else, or should be.

Anyway, our hero waited for a couple of hours in the emergency room waiting room of a small town, was fixed up in four hours once he'd gotten in a cubicle, and left on crutches with a prescription for painkillers.  Compound fracture of the ankle, bacteria able to get in...You'd think he'd need an operation, and perhaps pins.  They draped a towel over his ankle while they were in the waiting room so the sight of it wouldn't disturb the other people waiting there.  He was at a party that night.  I was bitter.  I haven't read further.

In contrast, the people at the hospital I went to asked for my insurance card first, but when they saw that the ankle was dislocated, they took me back to a cubicle right away.  They said something about "visible deformity."  Presumably that meant the way my toes were going in a different direction than my heel was.  The medical people took X-rays, and saw my ankle was badly broken, too.  "You walked on that?" one (a doctor?) asked.  Well, when it was just broken, and before it dislocated too.  I don't think it was more than a couple hours before they gave me that amnesia sort of sedative, reduced the fracture and fixed the dislocation.  The orthopedist operated the next morning, and my broken pieces of bone hadn't even gone through the skin.  I guess it was a simple fracture that way, although one of the ER doctors said it was a "spectacular break."

So now I'm bitter when I know the medical procedures in a book are completely wrong.  Of course I'm an amateur when it comes to medicine, but I consider myself relatively well-informed on some subjects, for a layperson.  Laura Baumbach is a nurse, and gets the medicine in her books right.  I'm sure she was the one with the expertise when it came to the injuries described in Mexican Heat, and their aftermath.  I think Ally Blue is a nurse in real life, too.  She seems to have a decent idea of what the human body can do.  I suppose part of me being bitter is that these romance heroes are shown as so tough that even broken bones only stop them for a few hours at most.  I'm tough in my own way, too.  I guess I was hoping for more realism in the stories.

And eventually I get back to the AWZ recap.  So Deniz came into No. 7.  Florian had apparently called him to tell him that Marian had gone missing(?) or was acting komisch.  (Komisch seems to mean funny, especially in a funny-strange sense.)  So minor reunion with Florian and Deniz, unless I missed some meaningful conversation.  No reunion shown for Deniz and Roman.  Post offscreen reunion, they were in No. 7, Roman looking at a book with the cover of a wild-eyed person with his or her hands over the sides of the face and and the mouth.  Deniz had almost exactly that pose, except his eyes weren't quite that wild.  Apparently the book and another they gave Marian were grief counseling sorts of pamplets.  Marian rejected them violently, and stormed out of No. 7.

I must be missing a lot of Axel saying the wrong words.  I'm almost afraid to listen, because I might learn the wrong word for a concept or physical object.  I think he's getting verbs wrong, too.  It didn't take him long to go back to functionally evil.  I'm just kind of frustrated with some of the plots now, and I don't even understand most of what the characters are saying.   
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