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Sunday so far -- and rambling

I slept well last night.  My ankle didn't ache as badly this morning as I thought it might, after the six-hour trip.  As I'll put in the Saturday post, I drove for two hours of it, which I wanted to do to see if I could do it.  The puffiness in my ankle has not gone down at all.  I took some Aleve and drank two cups of Jasmine Pearl tea.  The green tea hasn't done anything so far to bring down the swelling in my ankle.  I'd ice it, but I'm too cold now as it is.  I think I'll try the heating pad to warm it up, and see if that loosens it up a little.  I'll do some of the stretching exercises from physical therapy, too.

I'd told Dad some time ago that I had a storage container in the shed with a couple of sets of flannel sheets and a fluffy blue blanket in it.  Last weekend, he found a box with a number of white pairs of pants in it, and a couple of blue nightgowns.  The white pants were from the years I worked as a nursing aide.  He also found a box with a velour-type green blanket in it.  The clothes and blanket were musty from being out in the shed, so I washed the nightgowns, a couple of pairs of the white pants, and the blanket.

Today he told me to come out and look in the shed with him.  I asked him if he could get my walking cast from the car.  He said I didn't need a walking cast to walk around in the backyard.  I bundled up and went and got my walking cast from the car.  By then, he said, "Never mind.  I found that box."  He had.  It had two sets of flannel sheets and an afghan that's mostly blue, but with some green and lavender in it, too.  I'd been thinking of another blue blanket, but was glad to see the afghan.  It's not only a twin-sized-bed warm one, but it's beautiful, too.  I'd thought I had another afghan around.

When I was working at a grad school library, one of the other staff members was bringing around afghans to sell.  She said her mother was in a retirement home, and crocheted (knitted?) all day.  They were very beautiful.  I think I ended up getting four over a period of a few months.  One is plain darkish-pink, and matches my pink comforter very well.  That stays on my bed constantly during the colder months.

I gave a dark and light blue striped afghan to my boyfriend at the time, so we could use it for cuddling at his place.  I got another one that's white with dark pink and blue in it, and that goes from my bedroom to the computer room, often added to the pile of blankets on the bed in January and February, and otherwise put over my shoulders during the winter months.  I guess the blue/green/lavender one went to the shed during late spring or early summer.

Maybe I got a little carried away with getting afghans back then, but I've certainly gotten plenty of use out of them.  They were $35 each, in 2000 or 2001.  D.W., one of the library staff, said the grad school staff member with the mother who crocheted should be charging far more for them.  I think the staff member said she basically only wanted enough to cover the cost of the yarn.  The ones I have are still in great shape, so they were very well-made, too.

Well, I ventured outside for the day.  It's just above freezing, and I feel very unambitious about going outside again.  I have plenty of editing to do, some more writing I want to do, and lots to read.  I watered some of the plants and checked on them.  The pink-flowered sweet violet has aphids, which I was afraid of, since the sweet violets were next to the apple geranium that had aphids.  I may wash the stems off with water with a little dishwashing soap in it.  Added at 11:00 p.m.: I surreptitiously sprayed the sweet violets with insecticide once Mom and Dad had gone up to bed.  If they stay upstairs, they won't even notice.  It's an "eco-sense" brand, and is labeled as appropriate for home use.

The jasmine nitidum has buds.  I hope they open.  The flowers smell so good.  The plants on the east windowsill in the living room seem to be doing well enough.  The spider plants and the little fern don't need much light, and I think begonias also like shade.  Pothos survives almost anywhere and under just about any situation.

Somehow I don't think I'll have anything much exciting going on, but I'll post if something notable happens.  Added: Notable for me was that the heating pad really helped.  I used it a couple of times, and it made my ankle feel much looser, in a good way.  I'll have to remember that when my ankle is so stiff, to use the heat on it.

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