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AWZ Friday

Roman was basically just exposition-boy today, but he had a rather interesting conversation with Annette and Ingo.  Annette and Ingo started a fake kitchen fire to drive the swinger-orgy out of the flatshare.  Tom ran out too, in Santa hat and not much else.  (Hee.)  Sadly, the swingers took Ingo's cowboy boots with them when they fled.  Ingo modeled Nadine-the-swinger's open-toed shoes later, while Annette was scrubbing the flatshare down.

Axel confronted Richard and Max, and Richard told Axel that Jenny was alive, that they had a letter saying so.  Axel tried to come up with words, and pretty much failed at finding the right ones.  Richard continues to be amused about that.  Axel went to the Steinkamp villa, to talk to Simone and Vanessa.  Vanessa realized that Axel had aphasia, though most of the conversation was again lost on me.

Rafael acted awkward around Lena.  Lena asked Roman where Rafael was.  Rafael was in the trainer's office, but Roman took the opportunity for exposition.  "Dr. Schwarz is back," he said.  "He's acting funny.  Well, he always acts funny, but more so.  He says there's a letter saying Jenny's alive."  I wish they'd shot a scene of Roman talking to Axel.  That would have been better.  Dennis G. and Daniel(?) have excellent chemistry and very good acting ranges.

Tom came back into the flatshare, wearing a long raincoat and his Santa hat.  Ingo asked him if he'd seen the cowboy boots.  Roman came in, asking if Tom had lost a pair of shiny leopardskin-print boxers.  Tom said that they weren't his, and opened the raincoat to show that he still had his boxers with reindeer on them on.  (Hee.)  Roman went over to Ingo and Annette, and gave his Schwarz-exposition speech.  Then he asked what had gone on in the flat.  Annette and Ingo explained about the swingers.  I think Roman said that he always missed those things.  He pretended to wipe a tear from his eye with the shiny leopardskin-print boxers.

Axel is determined to prove that Jenny's letter is fake.  He broke into Jenny's office and compared the letter's handwriting to other things Jenny had signed.  Richard had earlier gone into her office and put papers into a folder.  Richard talked to Max on the phone, talking about the letter.  Max said something fairly incriminating just as Lena came into his office.  So the exposition had a payoff in Rafael/Lena/Max plot.  I don't know if EKP will even bother translating Roman's scenes, since his dialogue was for plots they're not following.  I hope they at least cover some of the swinger-orgy scenes and Roman's reaction to hearing about that, because that was pretty funny.  Tom looks good just in boxers, and should be seen that way more often.  He was perfectly comfortable flashing Roman, and that was nice.  I love Tom.   

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