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garden club holiday lunch

S.M. called me in the morning, as I'd asked her, to make sure I'd get up in time for the holiday lunch.  Mom called, too.  I even got there in time for the business meeting part of things.  I thanked S.M. for the wake up call.  I'd made jasmine rice late last night, and put it in a container to cool before I put it in the refrigerator.  Then I fell asleep, and the rice never made it into the refrigerator.  I figured I'd bring it and ask the hostess.  E.H. was apparently a home-ec major or teacher.  She said rice should be all right.  I ate some, so we'll see.

Everyone brought great food.  We talked about doing a garden club cookbook.  P.M. made her chicken and artichoke dish.  There were cupcakes that looked like flowers -- double flowers.  J.M. said she and her kids had made them using cut-up mini-marshmallows for the petals.  S.M. got a picture of them before they were eaten.  M.P. made a blueberry crumble sort of thing that was awesome.  We ate very well indeed.

I sat next to Sonja and across from D.S., but didn't get any German lessons offhand.  One of the ladies, G.A,  was discussing children being picky about food.  Sonja said there was none of that when she and D. were children in Germany during World War II.  You were happy to get food, she said.  So, a bit of history lesson.

The business meeting part of things was long, and had a fair amount of talk about rules of order.  Apparently last meeting had gotten rather rowdy, considering that they're female senior citizens.  S.M. had told me some about it.  I abstained from voting on whether to rescind a vote taken last time, since I wasn't there at that time.  We tabled some of the voting until the January meeting, thank goodness.  I was just happy when we got to the cheese and crackers and then lunch part of the get-together.

Everyone was glad to see that I was walking much better.  They are a kind group of ladies, though most are opinionated in their own ways.  For next meeting they said they'd start the meeting at 10:00 a.m. instead of 11:00 a.m., so they could get through all the discussion and voting at the business meeting.  In the afternoon, we're going on a day trip to the Brandywine River Museum.  I heard the "10:00 a.m." part, and said, "I'll just meet you at the museum."  I'm not sure how many of them heard that.

Dad and I usually get to the Brandywine River Museum around Christmas time.  They have vendors out in stalls in the courtyard selling hot cider and roasted chestnuts and other things like that.  Dad's main interest is in all the model trains they have running.  The permanent exhibits there are paintings by members of the Wyeth family.  The museum has Christmas trees decorated with ornaments made of natural materials -- milkweed pods, burrs, pinecones and so on.  One of the volunteers there will be showing the garden club members how they make the ornaments.  They have books there about making the ornaments, too.  We probably won't get home until after full dark, considering how short the days are, but at least I know most of that route pretty well.

I guess it was a good day in that I got out and socialized, and even made it to a meeting on time.  I'm very tired now.

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