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AWZ Thursday

Much in the way of Steinkamps, though no Frank.  Annette and Ingo finally realized that their swingers were that kind of swingers, though rather belatedly.  Tom substituted for Ingo as a dancer because Ingo messed up his back again, and his partner was all over him.  Tom was puzzled, but not particularly unhappy.  I think any episode that involves an orgy in the flatshare is a must-watch episode, just on principle.  Max and Rafael had a fight with their kendo sticks.  I'm not sure if Max said something about seeing Rafael with Lena or not, but Rafael did say, "Lena is taboo(?)" somewhere in there.  After some heated discussion with Max, Richard found himself unable to tell Simone that the letter was fake.

Axel woke from his coma.  He has aphasia.  I can't understand what the characters are saying anyway, so it's not making much of an impact on me, but Richard and Max were amused by his efforts to say the right words.  I think Axel said, "I'm Jenny" at one point.  It perhaps makes Axel somewhat more of a sympathetic character, but I very much doubt it's changed his personality.  Oh, and I think his neurologist is the prostitute Marian visited.  It is a soap opera.  I'm curious to see Roman's reaction if he and Axel cross paths and Roman realizes that Axel is brain-damaged.

Tags: soap opera

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