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AWZ Wednesday

The title of the episode was "Rafael and Lena have sex," and so it was.  They showed that Roman and Deniz aren't the only ones who can have sex in the shower of the men's locker room.  I have a feeling that Lena's going to get pregnant, which is one thing that never happened with Roman and Deniz.  It would put a fresh twist on it.  (Added: Max happened to go into the locker room and see them, but left without interrupting.  I thought, "Solution?  Threeway.")

Simone and Richard were overjoyed to get a letter from Jenny.  Simone's mental state became much better, but she started packing to go to Russia.  Richard said he'd join her.  Max told Richard that that wasn't supposed to happen.  Richard realized that Max had forged the letter.  Meanwhile, Vanessa and Ben had some "bonding over chocolate and caramel torte" moments in the kitchen of the villa.  I hoped they'd hug, or at least hold hands, but instead they just had sizzling chemistry with no touching.

At the end of last episode's hockey scenes, Florian had just outed Frank as a girl.  Ingo was back, and Roman stalked into the locker room, and told Flo to tell Ingo what he'd done.  Flo didn't say anything, just got a mulish expression.  Roman told Ingo that Frank was a girl, and that Flo had told the team so.  Roman said that he was angry, that Flo had no right to out Frank.

Ingo went to visit Frank.  Frank gave him her hockey player pass.  I think she told him he could "shred"(?) it.  Ingo still wanted her on the team, I'm pretty sure.  Florian later came to the penthouse to make a lame apology to Frank.  Frank asked him if he'd gotten his pro hockey player dream at her expense.  Flo said that the hockey scout told him that he lacked "teamgeist."  Ha.  Serves him right.  Frank kicked Florian out.

So basically all Florian accomplished was to make Roman and Frank mad, and ruin his own chances of catching on with the Cologne Sharks.

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