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I noticed this last night, but I still feel like I want to say something:  I haven't watched the show Glee, though I've heard a good bit about it.  I've seen some interviews Chris Colfer has done, and he seems like a charming young man.  What got me was that in the comments, one woman, Chester, started bitching at another, Hamble, when Hamble said that she didn't care for the word "breeder."  Perhaps it was that I'm already familiar with the topics of racial and heterosexual privilege, but I didn't see why the comments section about a TV show became the place for an education by force about that from Chester.  She was all about defending the "poor gays."  It struck me as rather condescending of her.  Also, the "poor gays" can defend themselves on a site like AfterElton.

I really want to say something there, but the mods and Brent H. had stepped in by the time I looked at it again today.  I'm trying to think of a way I could put things diplomatically there.  I've been called a breeder, which wasn't too nice.  My reply to it the latest time I heard that was, "I haven't bred."  I've said my share of not-nice things, too, so it's not like I'm an innocent.  But how ironic is it that an article that touched on the topic of bullying had bullying and name-calling in the comments?  AfterElton calls itself a "family-friendly" site, and the editors work hard to keep the tone polite.  Well, not polite as in too polite to be good journalists, but wanting people to show respect to each other, and have good manners.  They do surprisingly well with that most of the time.  It's especially impressive considering it's the Internet.   

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