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Another doctor's appointment.  Yes, that makes several in the past few days.  I seem to have acquired a lot of doctors in these past four months.  I thought it was at 1:15 p.m., but it turned out it was 2:00, so I went out to Wendy's to get brunch.  The tattoo parlor where I got my tattoo, and got it recolored, has shut down.  The space is for rent.  I wonder if the proprietor moved to another place, or if he's retired.  I think he was into his forties at least when I got it, right after college.  That would have been at least fifteen years ago.  I'll have to see if my brother has a way to contact him.  J. got several of his tattoos there.

I told the doctor that home life has not exactly been stable lately, what with the rages Mom's been flying into.  I'm just always on edge waiting to see what kind of mood she'll be in next.  He said that perhaps I should look for somewhere else to live.  He's not the first person to have given me that advice.  It's just that housing is pretty expensive around here.

I stopped by the university to leave a note for S.  Since he didn't answer his phone all summer, I am running out of ideas for contacting him.  Several of the students were in the GLBT organization office.  I said hi to R., V., J., and a couple of other random people who turned out to be friends of M.'s.  I wrote my note, folded it and put his name on the outside.  V. pinned it up on the bulletin board.  Hopefully he'll see that.  I expect he stops by the office a few times a week.  I ran into M. on my way out of the area where the offices were, and said hi.

We're going to northern New Jersey this Saturday, or so the plan is, to visit Aunt A.  She's on oxygen most of the time now.  I called Aunt P. about staying there rather than driving all the way up to northern New Jersey and back in a day.  She said she was also coming to visit Aunt A. on Saturday, and then possibly going up to visit Grandma S., but that she and Uncle D. would be in their apartment in the city for a good part of the weekend.  Aunt P. said that Aunt A. wasn't going down to the retirement home's dining room for meals any more, that they were bringing her meals up to her.  It did not sound good.

I'd like to get into New York City if I'm that close anyway.  S. and I talked about going to the Stonewall Inn for his birthday, and I don't want to leave it too much longer before Christmas.  We could go during his holiday break, I guess, after Christmas if we don't make it this weekend.  My leg will probably be somewhat more improved by then.  I'd just much rather go with someone than go by myself.  I don't want to cramp S.'s style too much, but I don't think I will.

Tomorrow is my last day of physical therapy.  I'll miss the people.  I'm sure I'll have to keep doing the exercises for a long time yet -- some of them indefinitely, I suppose.

Thursday is the garden club holiday party.  I signed up to bring a vegetable, and I still have no idea what I could cook Wednesday night and bring Thursday morning.  I'm thinking of just bringing jasmine rice again.  I talked to S.M., and she said she likes peas and string beans.  I wonder if it would be all right if I cooked peas the previous night and heated them up again when we're ready to have lunch.

I'm looking forward to Friday, when I don't have to go anywhere.

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