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Saturday after Thanksgiving

I thought it was important that I get out of the house, and not stay in all weekend.  Mom said it was very cold out, so I wore layers -- a couple of hoodies under my winter coat.  I did a couple of errands, then met P. at the county library.  As we were leaving, we met up with H.M., who was coming in.  She'd known P. for a long time, apparently, and she carpools with Mom to work every week.  I've seen her at several concerts and talks.  She wasn't sure if I'd recognize her, and said, "I work with your mother."

"Yes.  H.," I said.  I knew who she was.

P. and I went to a store called Ten Thousand Villages.  It's a chain store, but it's of fair-trade imports from around the world.  The customer can feel better that sweatshops weren't involved, and they have all kinds of neat things.  The manager there, B., knew P. -- had known her for thirty-five years.  Everywhere we go, people know P.  P. looked at jewelry, which was buy one, get one half off.  B. said to P., "I know there's a piece of jewelry calling your name."

I said much more quietly, "I bet there are a lot of bills calling your name, too."  P. didn't disagree.  I got rose and coconut soap, and saw a few potential Christmas present sorts of things for relatives.  I'll come back when I have more money.

We headed to [borough], and P. asked if we could stop at the dollar store.  When we got out of the car there, a man in the parking lot asked how P. was and how her Thanksgiving had been.  They talked for a while comparing Thanksgiving dinners.  Someone at the dollar store recognized P., too, and asked if they knew her from somewhere.  I laughed.  P. said that she worked at a grocery store, which is where some of the people know her from.  I think she's just known throughout both [borough] and [shopping strip area].  I said, "If I had a dollar for every time we run into someone you know when we're out, I'd be rich."  I remembered the time we went to the local Wal-Mart, and P. not only ran into at least six acquaintances and friends, but saw her sister and her niece there, too.

I got on the computer at home.  We had leftovers for dinner, then I was back flipping between the Chrolli book club -- just KC and me again -- and the EKP clips.  I had much to say in the comments of the second clip.  We were talking about how the adult characters on the show should not have been tolerating the harassment of teens who are perceived to be gay.  Here in the U.S, bullying and efforts to stop it have been much in the news these past few months.

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