September 11th, 2021

Paul Neyron rose 2


I should get some sleep very soon.

Later: I got some sleep.  I went out to Home Depot in the morning and got potting soil and top soil and more pine bark mulch and such.  After I got home, I did yardwork for a few hours.  I potted up the pink rain lilies and purple-leaved oxalis that I'd dug up yesterday.  I came in for a lunch and Gatorade break for a while.  In the early afternoon, the box of saffron crocus arrived.  I started planting some of those in the herb garden.  I've got to prop up some of the more horizontal stems of the pineapple sage in there so other plants can get light.  I planted the 'Sarah Bernhardt' peony and one of the 'Mme. Lemoine' lilacs over where 'Botzaris' mingles with a tree of some sort and mistflower.  I put hardware cloth around the lilac and chicken wire around the peony.

I changed the hardware cloth around the white moss rose for a taller one, since 'White Bath' had had the chance to grow without being eaten, and is now more like three feet tall than two.  I put a four-foot wrapping of hardware cloth over a tomato cage around the non-"Two-Tone" rose, which has some relatively long canes now, and a little bud at the top.  I piled up garden soil around the section of the rose that's below the graft.  I put garden soil elsewhere, too, in the herb garden and around where I'd planted daffodils and grape hyacinth and tiger lilies and daylilies lately.  Also I put it around 'Alec's Red' and the actual 'Double Delight.'  They've had the chance to get established.

I came back in later in the afternoon from my second round of gardening, and had a bath and a nap.  After that, I had a late dinner and did a lengthy line editing job.